Project Mc2 Assorted Dolls w/ Experiments


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More fun with the girls from Project Mc2 dolls! With these dolls that come with experiments, you can perform an at home experiment aligned to each one of the girls S.T.E.A.M. specialties.Build your own Lava Light with McKeyla McAlister. Just add oil and water from your kitchen to the lava light provided, a little food coloring, turn on the light, drop in an effervescent tablet and see what happens. Includes these dolls accessories: backpack,notebook with tablet,comb and doll stand.Create a Volcano Eruption with Adrienne Attoms. Just add baking soda and vinegar from your kitchen to the volcano provided and watch what happens. Includes these doll accessories: flask, pipette dropper, glasses, comb and doll stand.Make your own Glow Stick with Bryden Bandweth. Take the tube provided, add tonic water from your kitchen, turn on the UV light on the cap and watch what happens. Includes these doll accessories: laptop, glasses, comb and doll stand. Also included a cord so you can wear your glow stick as a necklace.Assemble a skateboard with Camryn Cole. All the pieces of the skateboard come apart and you have to assemble it yourself using the blueprint. Take the special paper provided and rub with water to reveal the blueprint instructions. Comes with: purse,wrench,skateboard with parts,comb and doll stand.Ages: 6 years old and up.

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