Kenmore 7.0-cu. ft. Electric Dryer


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Kenmore top-load dryers are taking drying performance to the next level, thanks to SmartDry Technology and bigger-than-ever capacities. Extra-large loads get done more efficiently with the help of moisture sensors and a temperature monitor that work together to adjust cycle time and heat to save your clothes and resources. The Sanitize Cycle is also on standby to help protect your laundry –it removes 99.9% of bacteria* with high heat temperatures, making it perfect for items like bedding and children's clothing. And, in just 20 minutes you can have clothes that are refreshed and ready-to-wear with help from our SteamRefresh Cycle. With SmartDry Plus Technology, two moisture sensors adjust the cycle while one temperature sensor monitors the temperature inside to ensure your items are completely dry without ever damaging fabrics The SteamRefresh Cycle allows you to refresh a small load by delivering a mist of water to reduce wrinkles and minimize odors There is no need to babysit your dryer, as the Wrinkle Guard option helps prevent wrinkles from setting in by tumbling clothes periodically for up to 150 minutes after the cycle is done The Sanitize Cycle removes 99.9% of bacteria with high heat temperatures and is perfect for sanitizing items like bedding and children's clothing The Capacitive Touch Controls are light touch controls that deliver a quick response and a sleek appearance to not only your dryer but also your entire laundry area

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