MiPosaur GestureSense Robot

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Meet MiPosaur- the highly intelligent robotic creature with an impressive blend of character and technology. Equipped with GestureSense, swipe your hands to activate its many sensors. Cover his muzzle for a playful reaction, or experience his mischievous side by yanking on his tail. Train him to sit forward, backwards, and even sit back up!MiPosaur comes with a trackball, that it follows, chases, guards and reacts differently to depending on mood. Use it to teach new tricks, feed, or activate fun modes like dance!Download the free app to uncover loads of free games! Control it with drive mode, watch it take on other MiPosaurs or MiP, or feed different foods that will alter its' personality. Throw in a steak and you'll have a fun loving dino, but fling a sock, and approach at your own risk! Robotic Features Hand gesture command recognition Unique dual-wheel balancing Evolving intelligence for progressive play Comes with a BeaconSense infused trackball, that MiPosaur will flawlessly keep in sight Use the trackball to activate modes such as dance, feed of chase App Features* Direct drive control over MiPosaur movements Path tracing Tons of unique games Fully compatible with other MiPosaur and MiP New functions progressively added for enhanced value proposition Compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0 enabled devices

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