Spin Master Zoomer Kitty & Nibbles

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Zoomer Kitty & Nibbles Toy Interacts with Your Child for Hours of Fun Kitty & Nibbles is the sweetest e-pet toy your child can imagine. This Kmart exclusive toy features Zoomer Kitty and her super-cute mouse friend, Nibbles. Thanks to True Vision Technology, Zoomer Kitty can see and follow your child's movements. Her eyes change color during play to let you know how she's feeling, and touch sensors allow her to nuzzle and respond with purrs. That's just in Cuddle Mode. Switch to Play Mode, where she'll sing, dance and perform kitty tricks. Watch her go catnip-crazy with the interactive paw-themed kitty toy. Zoomer Kitty can be connected to the Internet for interactive fun. Kitty & Nibbles is an interactive e-pet that can sense and follow your child's movements Zoomer Kitty snuggles and purrs in Cuddle Mode Switch to Play Mode, and Kitty will sing, dance and do tricks Drive Zoomer Kitty catnip-crazy with the interactive paw-themed kitty toy This toy is recommended for children ages 5 to 8 and connects to the Internet

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