Dead Rising 3 (Xbox ONE)

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It has happened. The end of times is near, and hordes of the undead search for the living with brainless, relentless persistence. The city lies in ruins, and everywhere you turn, you see gore and destruction. You wander the city of Los Perdidos and every beat of your heart, every breath you suck in and every step you take is in an unending pursuit of survival. It's only a matter of time until the military swoops in and wipes the entire city, and everyone in it, off the map. So, while you're here, you've got to contend with swarms of zombies — but ultimately to survive, you have to get out. Prepare yourself for the next generation of zombie-slaying thrills in this third installment of the blockbuster Dead Rising series that features the stunning visuals made possible by your Xbox One. Overwhelming hordes of zombies with plenty of detailed gore are coming your way — and while they feature tons of variation, they also have a shared awareness that will make it that much more difficult to survive. Luckily, as you explore the massive open-world environment of Los Perdidos, you can pick up anything and everything and make it into a weapon. With hundreds of potential weapon combinations, it's up to you to decide how you want to end each and every brain-eating walker. Get ready to enhance your Dead Rising 3 experience with this Apocalypse Edition, which features four DLC packs and a bonus digital item. Dive into the zombie-slaying action with exhilarating side stories, new missions, weapons, vehicles, outfits and more with the Operation Broken Eagle, Fallen Angel, Chaos Rising and The Last Agent DLC packs. See if you have what it takes to lay waste to the zombie hordes and make it out alive.

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