NES Remix Pack (WII U)


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The theme songs are your ringtones on your phone. You remember each jump, enemy and obstacle like it was yesterday. Now, your favorite 8-bit video games from the NES era are alive and well on your Nintendo Wii U with thrilling challenges and awesome mashups for an all-new gameplay experience. So grab a buddy, the popcorn and get ready to re-live your childhood in an exciting new way with NES Remix Pack. Featuring more than 25 retro games from the Nintendo era, NES Remix Pack lets you put your skills to the test in an array of rapid-fire challenges and sweet video game mashups. Grab your controller and start with simple tasks like collecting coins in the original Super Mario Bros., and then progress to increasingly difficult challenges, such as completing a level in Donkey Kong with only a spotlight on your character. You've played through the original Super Mario Bros. so many times, you know it forward and back — why not put that claim to the test with Super Luigi Bros.? This experience delivers the original game, but in reverse, starring everyone's favorite green-clad brother. Enjoy gameplay from NES Remix 2, which features challenges from Super Mario Bros. 3, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Kirby's Adventure and more. Are you ready to play through your favorite Nintendo games in all-new ways?

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