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The Gizmos & Gadgets Kit is the ultimate invention toolbox. Motors, wheels, lights, switches, servos, buzzers even a remote control snap it all together to spark creativity and fun. Want to invent a remote control racecar? Do it. Create an automatic bubble blowing device? Go for it! Comes with 15 electronic building blocks, detailed instructions for 12 projects, and all the accessories and tools you need to unleash the inventor within. Empowering Invention & Innovation Create tomorrow s innovators and idea-makers with littleBits electronic building blocks. These easy-to-use Bits make creative discovery and invention a snap for next-generation thinkers, designers, and tinkerers of all ages and genders. No programming, soldering or wiring required. Build Creative Confidence Evolve the way you think by developing design and critical thinking skills through the littleBits cycle of invention (create > play > remix > share). Whether you build from instructions or your imagination, start creating something, use it, improve it, experiment. Then inspire others by showing the world what you've created. BubbleBot Using household objects and a few of our favorite Bits, you can create big, beautiful bubbles as if by magic. Dip the bubble tube in bubble mix and slowly move the slide dimmer to watch your bubbles come to life. BitBot Roam your world wirelessly! This remote-controlled bot will do your bidding, thanks to a pair of wireless Bits and a few DC motors. Use this versatile vehicle to prank your pets, set up a snack delivery system for Mom, or turn your room into a race track! What sort of adventures will your Bitbot go on? Bumperball Invent a game that puts a new spin on an old favorite: the pinball machine. Use the slide dimmer to catapult the ball and watch it bounce and bump all over the box like it s out of control! Unleash Creativity At littleBits, we believe kids are born creative; our job is to help unleash the inventor within by engaging them in an incredibly powerful, exhilarating and most importantly fun process of invention. With the littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, kids will feel incredibly proud of what they have made. The pride of inventing something is addictive, and it stays with you for life. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Simple. Playful. Powerful. How did you come up with the idea for this product? I am inspired by the other building blocks of our time: the concrete block, the LEGO brick, the transistor. My main motivation in creating littleBits was to equip people with the skills and interests needed to thrive in today s tech-filled world. At littleBits, we see technology as a language, and believe that nowadays, those who don t speak it can be paralyzed. Everyone should be able to build, invent, and prototype with electronics independent of age, gender and technical background, and littleBits allows just that. What makes your product special? littleBits is more than a product, it is a platform for large and small inventions. We spend more than eleven hours a day with technology, but most people don t know how it works, and spend the majority of their time consuming media. We believe people are born creative, and our electronic building blocks help to unleash the inventor within by engaging them in an incredibly powerful, exhilarating and most importantly, fun process of invention, rather than prescribing one-off experiences. What has been the best part of your startup experience? Sampling, testing, redesigning, resampling and retesting our magnetic connectors was nothing short of exhausting. We worked with world class designers and manufacturers to perfect the magical and gratifying "click" of the Bits connecting, to make creating inventions with littleBits extremely intuitive and fun.

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