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IKNOW, is a trivia game with an exciting twist! One know-it-all won't dominate this trivia game! Everyone plays throughout the game and everyone has a chance to succeed! Players or teams of players bet on how well they will answer the questions from four different categories; "People", "The World", "Products & Works of Art" and "Phenomena & Events". I Know includes 400 trivia cards from each of the 4 categories of questions (1,600 questions in total). Each question card has 3 clues for a total of 4,800 unique clues. Game play begins by reading a category question; next each player, in order, determines how may clues they will need to guess the right answer (1, 2, or 3 clues). Need fewer clues and you'll win more chips! Continue around the board as each player or team places their know tokens on the game board, showing how many clues they need for each question. I Know trivia game is always engaging and every player plays every question! When players have placed bets on themselves using know tokens, the fun really begins, because now each player bets with their iBET token FOR or AGAINST one of their opponents! By betting for an opponent, you bet that opponent will get the right answer after the number of clues they selected. Betting against an opponent means you bet they won't get the right answer. Make the right bet and you win an extra chip. Bet wrong and you lose a chip. Be the first player to win 20 chips and you win the game. Know yourself; Know your opponents; and Win I Know every time! From Tactic Games, a worldwide innovator of top quality games for children, families and adults.

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