How-to Save Money at eBay

How to Save Money at eBay

eBay seems to be one of the trickiest places to get good deals, but once you find them it can really pay off! There’s a few tips and tricks you should know before you start shopping on eBay.

First, always look at who the seller is for the item you are purchasing. A lot of times major companies like Target and Toys R Us will sell on eBay, but other times it’s just a regular person selling. Both should be fine to buy from but checking a seller's ratings is a good rule of thumb. If buying from an individual is going to save you a few cents but they have bad ratings, it’s better to spend a little more and go with the bigger company.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but make sure you read the full item description. A lot of times the title or even the condition description will leave out important information such as an item might not be in the original packaging or a manual isn’t included. You can return an item if it’s not as described, but if you don’t read the description you won’t have that option. Along the same lines make sure you view the pictures of the item. The description might say that it has a small mark on it and the pictures could show a tiny mark that won’t matter to you but might matter to others. Shipping is also an important thing to pay attention to as not all sellers offer free shipping and some offer slower shipping times. If you need a toy ASAP for the holidays make sure you’re not buying from someone who has an extended shipping and handling time.


Once you’ve picked out your item and read through the description and seller info, it’s time to purchase! It’s super easy to pay with PayPal or a credit or debit card, but if you’re going to use a coupon they require that you checkout with PayPal. If you create an account it allows you to view your purchases, check on shipping and even leave a review for the product and seller.

eBay Daily Deal

eBay recently updated their Daily Deals page so that everything on the page offers free shipping. These offers change frequently, and although some are not actually the best price, they fairly often feature some great deals. Keep an eye on this page for gift card offers to stack for increased Black Friday savings. Another great advantage or disadvantage depending on how you look at it is that eBay does have individual sellers, so you can often find gently used or even hard to find items on eBay. Make sure you price check if other stores have the item available because sellers can set their prices to anything they want, like this $80 SNES Classic for $517.77 shipped.

eBay Bucks

eBay offers eBay Bucks equal to 1% of your purchase if you have an account and checkout through PayPal. They often offer increased eBay Bucks offers that have to be activated through your email so make sure to check for those. eBay Bucks spend almost like cash except you can’t use them on gift cards. If an item is eligible to earn eBay Bucks, it will show the amount below the item information. These are issued quarterly and expire 31 days after they have been issued. You can earn both eBay Bucks and cash back if your item is in a qualifying category on Ebates.

Overall eBay is a great place to find almost anything, it just takes a little research to make sure that you’re getting a great deal from a quality seller. Plus, if you end up buying too much over the holidays you can also sign up to be a seller and earn a little extra cash!

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October 31, 2017
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