How to Save Money at Amazon

Amazon seems to be one of the hardest places to navigate sales. You either find an item you’re looking for and get lucky because it’s on sale or you pay full price because you know it could be on your doorstep tomorrow. Lightning deals during Black Friday sell out fast and come and go so quickly you could blink and miss one. However, we have a few tips and tricks we’ve come to find the most useful.

Amazon Prime

You don’t have to have Prime to shop on Amazon but it offers a ton of extras including Amazon Video, Amazon Mom, Amazon Music, Free 2-Day Shipping on almost any order and a few other extras. It’s $99 a year unless you’re a student and then it’s $49. You can also sign up for a free 30-day trial here. If you're wanting to use Prime during Black Friday you can sign up for the free trial at the beginning of November to take advantage of the deals, just remember to cancel before they bill your card. Your Prime benefits go into effect as soon as you purchase your membership and as an added bonus if you’re a member during Black Friday you receive a 30-minute early access to select Amazon Lightning Deals!

Subscribe & Save

S&S offers you a 5% discount on the item you’re purchasing and a 15% discount if you have 5+ S&S items each month. Your S&S items will all ship together on the same day each month. The day can be changed up until about a week before your order should be shipping. A lot of times there are discounts that can be stacked with S&S such as additional coupon offers. S&S isn’t available on all items on Amazon, but if it is it will be shown below the price, and you can always visit the Subscribe & Save store to find eligible items. You can cancel your S&S order at any time and will generally receive an email each month to let you know to review your subscription in case prices went up. You’re only locked into the price on your first subscription for that order, it can go up or down anytime after that. If you have a subscription it's good to write it down or set a calendar note so you don't forget to cancel. If an item is an Add-on Item that means it can only be purchased with $25 of other items, but if it shows Subscribe & Save below the price it can be purchased individually! This is a great way to stock up on household supplies for really cheap and without walking into Target and emptying your wallet.

Amazon Coupons

Amazon Coupons

The coupons page on Amazon is a great one to bookmark because they change quite often. Sometimes I browse because I know I’m looking for something specific and other times I just look to see if there are any high value coupons on items I know I’ll use. You can find coupons both on the coupon page and on the product page for which the coupon is available. Simply “Clip Coupon” and it will apply to your order during checkout. Coupons can be combined with Subscribe & Save, so if it's a lower priced item I always look for the S&S option to qualify for free shipping. Coupons are available on almost every category including home, grocery, beauty, automotive, pet supplies and more! If you’re on the coupons page and you click on the title of a coupon it will take you to a page that shows all of the items that the coupon will apply to. Sometimes coupons apply to just one single item and other times it will apply to an entire brand.

Amazon Wishlist

There are so many different ways to shop on Amazon and millions of items that sometimes it's hard to find exactly what you want. When you do find it you should add it to your "Wish List". You can make the lists public so they can be shared with family and relatives or you can keep it private. An added bonus to the wish list is that it will show if an item has dropped in price since it was added. You can add notes to your list, set a priority and even at the quantity needed and quantity has number. This is a great way to share holiday lists as well as keep track of items you still need to purchase. If you're not sharing a wishlist you can also add items to your cart and leave them there or "save them for later" and your cart will still show if the item has dropped in price as well.

Amazon Today's Deals

This page features all of the "Deals of the Day", Coupon Deals, Today's Hot Lightning Deals and Upcoming Lightning Deals. You can also sign up to receive an email about Amazon's daily deals from this page as well. Daily deals not only last for just a day but they also only offer a certain quantity of each item. It will show below the price how long the deal has remaining as well as what percentage of the deal is claimed. This is the same for the Lightning deals so if you find a deal you've been wanting make sure to purchase it right away.

Amazon Warehouse

The first tip for Warehouse Deals is to know about Amazon's condition guidelines. The Amazon warehouse features items that may have been returned or damaged upon arrival to the warehouse. If you know their condition guidelines it's easier to make an informed purchase. According to Amazon these are their guidelines, "Used - Like New: An apparently untouched item in perfect condition." Generally when shopping the warehouse I always look for items in this condition, and upon receiving them they have almost always been new. A couple of times a year Amazon will put out coupons for warehouse items and if you can find something you've been looking for it's a great way to save money. I usually look for home appliances or other items that I wouldn't necessarily be gifting. I also purchased a lot of things off of my baby registry from Amazon warehouse that I hadn't received. I wouldn't suggest buying a car seat or anything else with safety specifications but it was great for changing pads, swaddles and even diapers.

Added perk to holiday shopping on Amazon: If you pre-order something with Amazon they offer release-date delivery! This means that you will receive the pre-ordered item on the day it releases and not 2-3 days after! This is a great way to get hot holiday items on release day rather than waiting in line at your local store!

September 15, 2017
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