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Toys seem to be the quintessential holiday gift. Any time there is a depiction of a holiday tree in a magazine, billboard, or greeting card, there is inevitably a toy or two tossed underneath to lend a feeling of authenticity to the image.

Of course, these images only tell half of the tale - the part where the toy is already safely nestled away, waiting for a lucky kid to tear into it in the morning.

What the images fail to portray is the mayhem and struggle surrounding the hot holiday toys that often spill into nightly news programs, with images of eager parents pushing and shoving their way to store shelves to secure that Turboman doll for little Jaime to open on Christmas morning.

Each year there are popular toys that create a fervor among kids and parents, and 2015 is sure to be no different. Here at, we have compiled our list of Hot Holiday Toys of 2015, profiling what are sure to be some of the most highly sought after toys of the upcoming holiday season.

Beatbo (Ages 9m-36m)

Beatbo (Ages 9m-36m) Beatbo (Ages 9m-36m) $33.24 at Amazon

Beatbo continues the seemingly yearly tradition of new and exciting toy robots for toddlers, a trend that has been going strong since the days of the 80's toy favorite Alphie.

Where Beatbo sets itself apart from the pack is its unique ability to pump out new and exciting musical beats to entice your youngster to dance along with Beatbo's animatronic dance moves. This is done easily when your child taps on Beatbo's LED-clad tummy and feet, which launches various songs and even has games that teaches your child early lessons including the alphabet, counting, and colors.

The most unique feature of Beatbo is perhaps the ability for parents to record a personalized message on Beatbo, which he will remix into an original dance tune for your child to enjoy.

Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear (Ages 3y-8y)

Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear (Ages 3y-8y) Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear (Ages 3y-8y) - $99.99 at Toys R Us

The Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear takes the talking and teaching teddy bear model made famous by Teddy Ruxpin and evolves it into one of the most advanced learning toys in recent memory.

The Smart Toy Bear springs to life right before your child's eyes and will allow them to interact in a way few toys have done before. The bear will actually listen to your child and remember what they say, which will shape and mold what Smart Bear says back and which games it chooses to play with your child. Through nightly software updates automatically downloaded to Smart Bear, the learning and games will continue to evolve as your child grows.

That's not all! Smart Bear comes with a backpack filled with various playing cards that will start different games and activities when your child shows the card to the bear, made possible by a discrete camera hidden in the bear's nose that uses image recognition. Future expansion cards are planned that will offer specialized lessons in science, math, reading, and more.

Parents will love Smart Bear too, especially when they download the Smart Bear app for their Android or iOS smart device. From there, parents can have Smart Bear encourage their child to clean their room, brush their teeth, or similar activities that can sometimes be a struggle between parent and child.

Giant Leonardo Playset (Ages 4y-8y)

Giant Leonardo Playset (Ages 4y-8y) Giant Leonardo Playset (Ages 4y-8y) - $82.99 at Walmart

Continuing the resurgence that began with the new hit Nickelodeon 3D animated series in 2012, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back again with what is sure to be one of the hottest toys for turtle fans.

First and foremost, the Leonardo playset stands 24-in. tall and acts as a giant action figure, complete with moving arms with two points of articulation per arm, allowing the child (or parent) to position the Turtles' fearless leader in heroic poses.

When Leo transformers into a full blown Turtle playset is where the magic really happens. This isn't just the sewer playset of the 80s - this is a fully re-imagined Turtle action set that includes over 30 different features including sewers, a Turtle dojo, Splinter's lair, Mike's room, a skatepark, and more. Adding to the fun are trap doors, hidden areas, and spring-loaded triggers that will keep the TMNT kicking shell and coming back for more.

Star Wars: The Black Series (Ages 4 and Up)

Star Wars Black Series (Ages 4 and Up) Star Wars: The Black Series (Ages 4 and Up) - Starting at $3.99 on Google Shopping

With a slew of video games, action figures, LEGO sets, lightsabers, board games, apparel and more hitting the store shelves in anticipation of the December release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Star Wars fever is in full effect.

Everywhere you turn there are new and exciting Star Wars toys, but if you've got a Star Wars fan, new or old, on your shopping list, you can't go wrong with Star Wars Black Series action figures.

Easily one of the hottest items of the year, fans lined up outside stores across the country to be the first to lay their hands on the new Black Series line of toys when they were released.

One look at the sleek and stylish minimalistic black packaging and it becomes obvious that these figures are not your average department store fare. Inside, the oversized figures feature a stunning amount of detail that make them some of the most screen-accurate Star Wars figures ever to hit the market.

All of the favorites are here, including different variations of series heroes Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia, along with legendary screen villains Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Emperor Palatine, Boba Fett, and more. Larger sets even include some memorable vehicles like a Scout Trooper with Speeder Bike straight out of the forest planet of Endor, or Han Solo with his ill-fated and apparently foul-smelling Tauntaun featured in The Empire Strikes Back.

amiibo (Ages 3 and Up)

amiibo (Ages 3 and Up) amiibo (Ages 3 and Up) - Starting at $10.99 at Toys R Us

Nintendo's amiibo line of interactive figures have been flying off store shelves since they launched last holiday season. With over 7 million amiibo sold and new lines of figures and interactive software launching every month, there is no sign of slowing down this holiday season.

The figures come in the form of Nintendo's most beloved and cherished characters, including Mario, Link, Samus, Donkey Kong, Bowser and more. For kids that have a Wii U or New Nintendo 3DS system, amiibo figures offer a new and exciting interaction with some of Nintendo's most popular titles including Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, Super Mario Maker, and Yoshi's Woolly World.

A simple tap on the New 3DS screen or Wii U gamepad will make the figure come to life on screen, unlocking in-game content including levels, characters, costumes, and more. In games like Super Smash Bros, players can actually train and fight against their amiibo, strengthening the skill of the figure with every match. The player's progress is saved right on the figure, allowing kids to take their character with them to battle friends when away from home.

Sheriff of Nottingham (Ages 13 and Up)

Sheriff of Nottingham (Ages 13 and Up) Sheriff of Nottingham (Ages 13 and Up) - $25.51 at Amazon

Are you shopping for a tween or teenager? Do you want to give them something other than a smart device for them to bury their faces in? Pick up one of the year's best selling designer board games.

Sheriff of Nottingham is a simple but highly entertaining game for 3 or more players. In this game, players take turns playing the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham, while other players attempt to smuggle goods past the sheriff's gates. Players show the sheriff cards and must either be truthful or bluff their way past the sheriff by declaring the goods they wish to bring through. It's up to the sheriff to sniff out those trying to sneak though contraband by choosing whether or not to inspect the shipments. If the sheriff is right, the player is fined, but if the sheriff is wrong, he must compensate the player for the inconvenience. What ensues is a 45 minute game full of bluffing, bribery, backstabbing, and laughter before a winner is finally declared.

New designer board games are a far cry from the Yahtzee and Monopoly games families have all but played to death, and a new and exciting board game is a great way for parents to spend quality time with children in their adolescent years - a time where it can become difficult to find activities that everyone can enjoy together.

Final Thoughts

Those who are sure to wind up on Santa's naughty list are the dreaded holiday toy scalpers, who prey on parents who are out of the loop and find themselves empty handed and with no other option but to pay a hefty price as Christmas rapidly approaches.

The best way to avoid falling into this holiday trap is to stay one step ahead of those who would rob you of that Tickle Me Elmo, and what better way to keep on top of the latest price breaks, doorbusters, and store opening times than by checking back at We'll have ad leaks as they happen, and bring you our signature buying guides, assuring you are able to secure your spot in line to get your hands on this year's must-have holiday items.

October 13, 2015
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