HD Pocket Camcorders

Overview of Pocket Camcorders

One of the most amazing things about technology is the idea that it continues to get smaller and smaller with each passing year. Fans of Saved by the Bell likely remember Zack Morris' cell phone, a monolithic beast that would have no hope of fitting in an average pocket. The phone did one thing – make phone calls. Around that time, computers were fairly weak too. It played games that looked like horrible pixelated messes compared to today’s games. Jump in the time machine and fast forward 20 years and you'll see that many people are carrying around devices in their pocket that are significantly smaller than that beast of a phone and more powerful than the computers of that time. This is a testament to the miniaturization of technology.

Camcorders have undergone a similar revolution in recent years. Earlier models would use large VHS video tapes to record your video on. This was nice, since you could take the tape, pop it into your VCR at home, and instantly watch what you recorded. However, these models were typically fairly sizable – good luck sticking one of them in your pocket! As time marched on, camcorders continued to get smaller, eventually shifting to smaller storage media such as miniDV tapes. Sure, you could still get the beastly camcorders if you were recording HD video and needed to have the absolute best of the best quality, but most consumers were after one thing – a marriage of size and quality. Over the past few years, the public has been blessed with something that does just that, bringing together HD video with portability.

The Age of the Pocket HD Camcorder
Pocket HD camcorders are a relatively recent innovation in the realm of camcorders, gaining their popularity after the initial Flip Video camera, the Ultra, was released in 2007. Combining the ability to record decent video along with a small size and lack of cumbersome storage media, the Flip Ultra took off and has continued to be the most popular camcorder on Amazon, taking 13% of the market share on the popular shopping site. Just what is it that makes these cameras so popular, however? Why would you want to buy one of these instead of just using your iPhone 4 or your digital camera's video recording mode?

Well, I'm here to help you answer that question.


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November 17, 2010
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