Digital Camera Buying Guide


Discussing the specs of digital cameras can often get rather technical. Megapixels, compacts, DSLRs, ISO, etc. - it can be very confusing if you haven't spent hours researching what each term means. This article aims to help simplify the camera comparison process for you.

First off, there's a variety of camera types you’ll find. Let's take a brief look over those.

  • Ultra compacts typically lack manual controls but are the smallest and most convenient.
  • Compacts are a little wider and thicker, often have manual controls, and are still small enough to carry with you.
  • Faux DSLRs go by a few names, they're cameras that look like DSLRs but only have one lens and they're usually portable enough to fit in large pockets.
  • DSLRs are the big boys of the consumer camera world. They usually feature extensive manual controls, they're fairly large and can be difficult to carry around, and they allow you to switch out lenses. They also feature the best low-light and image quality. Unfortunately, this comes with a huge price increase.

For information on key features like zoom, megapixels, and image stabilization, please visit the first page of last year’s guide.

With that said, here is a rundown of some cameras to look into this year. These are our recommendations at each price point.


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November 21, 2010
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