Dark Horse Deals 2016

With November finally upon us, Black Friday mania will soon be in full swing. Before long, BfAds.net readers will be treated with all the latest ad leaks, buying guides, top deal lists, and every bit of information they need to plan their siege on retailers in a quest for the almighty doorbuster.

Yet, below the surface, there lurks another group of shoppers on Black Friday. Shoppers who thrive deep within the pages of leaked Thanksgiving ads like Black Friday’s own City of Ember. These shoppers forgo the siren song of the high-profile doorbuster and instead chase after some of the best bargains that are overlooked by the masses.

Year after year, these Dark Horse deals provide just as much if not more value and savings than front page doorbusters, and usually can be found hours after store opening. As deal chasers flee from store to store, chasing the dragons found on the front page, Dark Horse shoppers can casually walk into any retailer and cross item after item off their list as they enjoy a warm cup of cocoa.

It’s in solidarity with the savviest of shoppers that we bring you our featured Dark Horse Deals for 2016. This should be considered a supplement to last year’s Dark Horse Deals write up, as both of these lists make for great bargain hunting.

Holiday Décor

It’s no secret that the absolute best time of year to buy holiday décor for around the home is the day after Christmas, when retailers need to clear out all the space occupied by artificial trees, Christmas lights, stockings, etc., to make room for Valentine’s Day gear.

This is a great practice in theory, but who among us hasn’t come home from a day of Black Friday shopping, and dug out their lights to start decorating, only to find that the lights will no longer turn on? What about when you put those aside and set up your artificial tree and when you stand back to admire it, you realize that over the years it has become so dilapidated that it no longer looks anything like the picture on the storage box?

It happens to the best of us, but the great news is that Black Friday is the second-best time of year to grab holiday essentials like trees, lights, ornaments, and just about anything else to transform your home into a winter wonderland. The best part about shopping for holiday décor is that like most of our other Dark Horse deals, they are somewhat ignored by the masses who are scrambling for doorbusters. If you’re after larger items like trees and yard inflatables, be sure to pay particular attention to hardware store ads, where you can usually find great deals without the typical huge Black Friday crowds.

Sound Bars

Sounds bars are derided by audiophiles, home theater enthusiasts, and Internet comment gatekeepers as inadequate ways to enjoy the sound of modern media. This group of individuals seems to be missing the point of sound bars entirely.

Of course a sound bar will not deliver the booming home cinema experience of a 7.2 DTS-HD surround sound system that costs thousands of dollars, but that was never their purpose. With 4K and HDTVs getting slimmer and thinner, the sound from their integrated speakers becomes tinny and hollower. Sound bars are perfect, inexpensive additions to bedrooms, guest rooms, dorms, small apartments, or any place where a full surround setup is not feasible or necessary.

Another great thing about sound bars is they are on sale each and every Black Friday, from almost every major retailer. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Kmart, and even Kohl’s have been known to get into the sound bar action on Black Friday. While there are some house brand deals to be had, if you want a premium product from a well-known manufacturer, the last few years there have been deals from makers like Vizio, Samsung, and Sanyo with several models to choose from.

Streaming Media Devices

Streaming media devices are the perfect example of an item that is heavily discounted on Black Friday but receives little fanfare because of the hype surrounding high-priced doorbusters.

Sure, you won’t be saving hundreds of dollars like you will with HDTVs, tablets, laptops, and other Black Friday staples, but for a low cost item like this, a $10 or $15 discount can net you a higher percentage savings than even the hottest doorbuster.

Last year, we saw all of the top streaming devices, including Roku, Chromecast, FireTV Stick, and even Apple TV at discounts of up to 50%. With shoppers across the country cutting the cord and going streaming only, Black Friday is the best time of year to ditch your TV’s substandard streaming apps and grab a dedicated streaming device.

Personal Electronics

Just as with streaming media devices, personal electronics always seem to be on everyone’s wishlist, and are deeply discounted, but take a back seat on Black Friday thanks to headlining doorbusters.

If you’re shopping for a fitness buff, activity trackers including fitbit were featured in last year’s ads from nearly all major retailers. As with most Dark Horse Deals, you’ve should do a bit of digging if you’re after one of these devices, as stores like Best Buy have these deals peppered throughout the ads, with some being announced only days before Black Friday.

For the tech enthusiast on your shopping list, a fit tracker may be child’s play compared to a full-blown smart watch. Popular smart watches from Pebble, Samsung, Motorola, and a slew of others were found at doorbuster prices last year. Even the Apple Watch saw a $100 discount, an event that could only happen on Black Friday.

There are great gifts for music lovers in just about every major ad. Discounts from inexpensive earbuds for the kids all the way up to premium Bluetooth headphones in all price ranges from manufacturers like Bose, Sony, Beats by Dre, and more. In addition, there are a ton of Bluetooth portable speakers discounted on Black Friday for those who insist on sharing their love of music with everyone in the room.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a great deal. Some like to fight for a doorbuster and others like dark horse deals. No matter where your deal compass points, the start of your journey should begin with BfAds.net, where we will be the first to break Black Friday ad leaks for all major retailers.

Did we out your dark horse deal secret? Or do you have your own dark horse deal you want to share with other BFAds readers? Head down to our comments section and let us know!

October 31, 2016
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