BFAds 2016 November Giveaways

Starting Monday, October 31st, every weekday of November until Black Friday we will be giving away prizes and BFAds T-Shirts to visitors!

There are only two qualifications to enter the contest: you must have a United States or Canadian shipping address and you have to complete this simple entry form. All data collected will not be shared with anyone. One entry per person. Winners are randomly selected each night at 11:59:59pm CST and will be alerted via email. You must respond to this email within 48 hours (72 hours for Friday contest winners) to confirm your prize. If you don't, an alternate winner will be selected.

You only need to enter the contest once and you will be eligible for all daily giveaways. If you win, you are still eligible to win other prizes later in the month. The chances of this happening are very slim, but you won't be ineligible to win the bigger prizes because you won a t-shirt earlier in the month.

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