Bon Ton Wins for Most Absurd Ad Takedown Request

Bon Ton Black Friday Ad Update: A high-level Bon Ton representative reached out to us shortly after we made this post to clarify that "listing the Thanksgiving offers ... is fine" and what their employee was really "trying to convey is that some of the images [and] links aren't optimal."

I must not have been reading enough between the lines of "we're officially asking that they be removed until further notice" and "[please] remove these offers from the BFAds website by end-of-day Tuesday, October 29th until Bon-Ton has approved their use for affiliate partners."

Regardless, we appreciate Bon Ton's change of course. The Bon Ton Black Friday preview will continue to remain on the site and Bon Ton has even offered to send us their ad early, so while you'll all have to put your pitchforks away, this is a win/win for everyone.

Ad takedown requests/demands are nothing new to BFAds. They used to be a much bigger part of our Black Friday coverage, especially when we first started covering the leaks, but have significantly subsided over the past few years.

Even prominent hold-outs such as Walmart and Best Buy have seemingly reversed their stances on leaks as both have been responsible for their ads early release the past two years.

Which is why I was so surprised to see an email from Bon Ton this morning not only asking us to remove their 24-item Black Friday preview sale listing, but to also identify the source of the leak.

Apparently Bon Ton missed their own press release that announced the 8pm Thanksgiving Day start time and leaked a preview of their Black Friday sale. After delicately explaining this fact, you would think this would be the end of the story. You would be wrong.

Despite issuing a press release that is still live on their site, Bon Ton representatives reminded BFAds that

while BFAds is not technically posting anything that's not already considered "public knowledge/domain", they were never given direct approval to host these deals on their site by [Bon-Ton]


It was not [Bon Ton's] intention to have our affiliate partners post actual Black Friday offers until further announcements were made in November.

Bon Ton said they'd review the situation, and later came back with a decision:

Upon further consideration of the Bon-Ton Black Friday Deals that BFAds has prematurely posted on their website, we're officially asking that they be removed until further notice.

To recap, Bon Ton put out a press release showcasing their Black Friday plans, but apparently did not expect anyone to see/report on the announcement. And when we did report on the news, BFAds is the one at fault! Flawless logic, Bon Ton!

For anyone wondering, we will not be removing the current list of items and plan on posting the full Bon Ton Black Friday ad when it is released. Although we do greatly encourage you to consider shopping elsewhere this holiday season.

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