Black Friday Dark Horse Deals


Black Friday Dark Horse Deals

At, we know exactly why you're here. Readers don't visit BFAds and obsessively click the refresh button to find out where they should line up to get the best deal on a Bed-in-a-Bag set. No, you seek our leaked ads for the doorbusters! You want the best bang for your buck on the deeply discounted HDTVs, laptops, tablets, and game consoles that adorn the front pages of all the major Black Friday ads!

But wait, those doorbusters only occupy the first few pages and usually the back page of the Black Friday ads... what about all the stuff in between? Are there any real deals to be had, or are the pages in the middle of a circular just normal advertisements you'd see in any Sunday ad bundle?

Yes, there are Black Friday deals to be found deep within those pages! In fact, dollar for dollar, some of the best values of the season are what we like to call "Dark Horse Deals" (the phrase, not the Katy Perry song). These deals often lost among the fervor and excitement of Black Friday doorbusters should not be ignored.

This is not to say that everything in those pages could be called a diamond in the rough, but here are a few standout categories that definitely deserve a closer look.


Housewares Buying housewares on Black Friday can be considered sensible or boring depending on whom you ask. In all the images and videos of Black Fridays past, there is likely little to no record of any rabid customers trampling over one another to grab a new Dyson vacuum cleaner. Yet Black Friday is undoubtedly the best time of year to grab household staples like vacuum cleaners, linens, comforters, and even household décor, all of which can be found at doorbuster prices.

If that's not enough, prices are also slashed on items for the kitchen as well. No matter what your resident chef is lacking, there are great bargains to be had on everything from cookware, cutlery, and dinnerware to small appliances like coffee makers, countertop skillets, mixers, crock pots, and the like.

While these deals may seem a little boring by Black Friday standards, savvy shoppers know there is nothing boring about finding a great bargain - especially if those deals are on items customers would be buying or replacing anyway.

Computer & Electronics Accessories

Computer & Electronics Accessories Sure, we here at have always rallied against buying electronics accessories such as HDMI cables, HDTV mounting kits, or even regular USB charging cables for cell phones at Black Friday retailers. And with good reason, since these are traditionally some of the worst deals out there, especially when Black Friday prices are still higher than those offered by online retailers like Amazon or Monoprice.

However, that doesn't mean you should avoid accessory purchases altogether - in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. There are fantastic deals to be had on a variety of computer and electronics accessories.

For computers, keep an eye out for USB thumb drives, external hard drives, HD webcams, or wireless keyboard and mouse deals. Some stores even offer deals on 3 packs of USB thumb drives, perfect for the student on your list or as inexpensive but useful stocking stuffers.

Got a music fan to shop for? Each and every year on Black Friday, retailers offer killer deals on premium headphones from brands like Skullcandy, Beats by Dre, Sennheiser, and more. If your music lover has already got a pair of premium cans, portable and rechargeable Bluetooth speakers are a great alternative that won't break the bank on Black Friday.

If you're shopping for a gamer that buys every hit title on or before the release date, there are a lot of great accessories you can pick up this Thanksgiving. Extra controllers for home consoles are discounted every year, along with surround sound headsets. If all else fails, you can't go wrong with a subscription card for online services like Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus, which are also traditionally featured in Black Friday ads.

Blu-ray & DVD Movies

Blu-ray & DVD Movies What good are new HDTVs and sound systems without some high-def content to push them to the limits? Some of the most often overlooked Black Friday deals are the deep discounts applied to Blu-ray and DVDs movies. These aren't your standard bargain bin titles either. Every Black Friday some of the year's hottest and most critically acclaimed movies can be found for under $10 at most major retailers including Walmart, Kmart, and Best Buy.

Maybe the person on your list isn't a movie buff, but rather a TV couch potato from way back. If that's the case, Black Friday also offers unbelievable savings on full seasons of hit television series on DVD and Blu-ray.

Not only do low-priced movies and TV discs make great stocking stuffers or office gifts, but many of them can usually be found well after store opening, giving you time to get your hands on your must-have doorbuster - or you can simply avoid the hysteria and casually stroll in after the crowds subside.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards While they have a stigma of being considered impersonal or the “easy” way out of gift giving, who doesn't love receiving a gift card tucked away inside a stocking or greeting card?

Gift cards are perfect gifts for teenagers or those with particular tastes for whom shopping can be difficult, and with all the deals on gift cards flying around, Black Friday is the perfect time to pick one up. Every year there are discounted iTunes and Google Play gift cards as well as cards for premium subscription game services like Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Plus. You can also frequently find discounted gift cards for certain retailers, such as Toys R Us or Sephora.

Really, the best deal is the abundance of free gift cards that are found at major retailers every Black Friday. Walmart, Target, and Best Buy have made it a tradition to give away gift cards when you purchase items like game consoles, iPods, tablets, and other electronics. While you may have no need for that $30 Target gift card, turning that freebie into a gift for someone on your shopping list can make the trip worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

The only questions remaining are when and where you can get your hands on these Dark Horse Deals and more. For that, savvy shoppers should check back early and often with, where we will be the first to break Black Friday ad leaks for all major retailers. As with every Black Friday, we'll follow these ad leaks up with our signature buying guides, bringing you our doorbuster picks from an assortment of categories including HDTVs, notebook PCs, video game consoles, tablets, smartphones, and more!

October 26, 2015
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