Black Friday 2019 4K UHDTV Buying Guide


If Black Friday ads were the Thanksgiving Dinner table, with various deals and doorbusters being the entrees, then there's little doubt that 4K UHDTVs would be the beautifully cooked, golden brown turkey at the center of the table. They're the main course, and in the eyes of most, whether Black Friday is "good" or not depends entirely on how deep the doorbuster discounts are on these electronic beauties.

This year, we're happy to report that the discounts are deeper than ever, and this Black Friday, we reviewed nearly 150 different advertised deals, compared specs and sizes, and have picked our favorite TV deals in every size available. Whether your budget is in the hundreds or the thousands, and whether you're after a simple 4K UHDTV for a guest room or new centerpiece to your home entertainment center, there is a deal waiting for you in our 2019 4K UHDTV buying guide!

40-Inch to 43-Inch 4K UHDTVs

The smallest category of 4K UHDTVs this year features over 15 entries from various retailers across the country. Although there are some great deals to be had here, keep in mind that if you've got space for a larger set, there are actually less expensive 4K UHDTVs this year at a lower price point than what you'll find here.

Our Pick

Insignia 43" 4K UHDTV w/ HDR Fire TV Edition (NS-43DF710NA19) $199.99 w/ FREE Amazon Echo Dot at Best Buy

Best Buy takes the top prize here with a fully featured 43" UHDTV from Insignia for just $199.99. Not only does this TV pack 3 HDMI ports, HDR color, smart features powered by Amazon Fire TV, and an Alexa voice control enabled remote, but Best Buy is also throwing in a free Amazon Echo Dot with purchase of this doorbuster. Shoppers should note that while this set does have a set of composite jacks, there are no RGB component hookups present on this device.

Honorable Mention

Samsung 43" 4K Smart UHDTV w/ HDR10 (43NU6900) $229.99 at – Best Buy & Target

It's become a Black Friday tradition for Samsung to offer entry level 4K UHDTVs at the same discounted price at virtually every retailer that deals in Samsung televisions. This year, in the 43" category, the 43NU6900 is the featured model, which comes equipped with HDR10 color and 2 HDMI ports. Although it's not the lowest price 4K set of this size, its increased availability makes it a good second option should you not score your first choice.

49-Inch to 50-Inch 4K UHDTVs

With over 15 televisions to choose from, the 50" category offers some of the best overall value this Black Friday, with many of the sets available at prices dipping below that of smaller televisions.

Our Pick

Onn. 50" 4K Smart UHDTV w/ HDR10 and Roku $148.00 at Walmart

Walmart narrowly edges out the competition with their onn. offer that is the lowest Black Friday price ever seen on a 50" 4K UHDTV. With a Black Friday only partnership between Roku and onn., this special holiday sku packs as much value as it does features, including HDR10 color, 3 HDMI ports, and a bevy of streaming options thanks to the aforementioned Roku smart platform. This deal will be one of the most highly sought after deals this Black Friday, and luckily, you'll have two chances to score this doorbuster. First, this set will go live at 7:00PM PT / 10:00PM ET on Wednesday, Nov 27th, followed by the Walmart in-score Black Friday event happening at 6pm local time on Thanksgiving Day.

Runner Up

Westinghouse 50" 4K Smart UHDTV w/ HDR10 and Roku (WR50UT4009) $149.99 at Target

Priced just $1 over our top pick in this category, this Westinghouse from Target actually matches the top pick here in almost every feature. The HDR10 color, 3 HDMI ports, and integrated Roku streaming are all present here, giving shoppers who prefer to be at Target at 5pm on Thanksgiving the chance to score one of the best bargains of the holiday. If you happen to miss this deal, consider the Philips 50" 4K UHDTV featured on page 4 of the Target Black Friday ad for just $30 more at $179.99, which also has HDR10 color, 3 HDMI inputs, and Roku streaming.

Honorable Mention

Samsung 50" 4K Smart UHDTV w/ HDR10+ (50NU6900) $278.00 – Walmart, Best Buy, & Target

Samsung brings the value again on Black Friday with this 50" 4K UHDTV available at various retailers nationwide. This set comes equipped with HDR10+ color, 2 HDMI ports, and 120hz enhanced motion. As in the other categories, it isn't the least expensive choice, but does offer great value for those who miss out on the top picks or prefer not to chase special Black Friday skus.

55-Inch to 58-Inch 4K UHDTVs

This year, we've combined the 58"- 60" category with the 55" sets because of the simple fact that the handful of entries in the 58"- 60" category were all priced lower than doorbusters found in the 55" category. That makes this group one of the most crowded this year, with over 25 entries competing for the top spot. Speaking of top spot, if you're fortunate enough to live in one of the 6 states in America that have Meijer stores, pay special attention to the 55" Element 4K UHDTV on the front page of their Black Friday ad, as that deal actually tops every other deal from nationwide retailers.

Our Pick

Insignia 58" Smart 4KUHDTV w/ HDR Fire TV Edition (NS-58DF620NA20) $199.99 w/ FREE Amazon Echo Dot at Best Buy

Not only does Best Buy top this category, but this 4K UHDTV doorbuster is one of the best 4K deals in Black Friday history. For less than the price of even our 43" winners, this 58" 4K UHDTV from Element is the kind of deal that Black Friday dreams are made of, with HDR color, 3 HDMI inputs, Alexa voice control enabled remote, and Fire TV streaming features. As if this deal didn't already have value to spare, Best Buy is throwing in a free Amazon Echo Dot with purchase to sweeten the deal even more. This is the kind of doorbuster deal that brings in the crowds, so you'll have to line up early if you want to be first through the door Best Buy begins the festivities at 5pm on Thanksgiving Day.

Runner Up

Onn. 58" 4K Smart UHDTV w/ HDR10 & Roku $198 at Walmart

Narrowly missing the top spot here, Walmart is back with their special Black Friday sku from onn and Roku, and at under $200, it's one of the hottest all around deals this Black Friday! Like the smaller models, this set is packed with features including HDR10 color, 3 HDMI ports, and robust streaming features by Roku. As with their other doorbusters, you'll have two chances to score this deal: online at at 7:00PM PT / 10:00PM ET on Wednesday, Nov 27th, and again the following day in-store, when Walmart opens their doors at 6pm local time on Thanksgiving Day.

65-Inch 4K UHDTVs

This category used to encompass everything 65" and over, but there were so many options this Black Friday that we've split 65" off into its own category, and yet there are still over 40 different options found in Black Friday ads from retailers across the nation. With that said, there are three clear winners here in a race that is too close to call, and with all three priced under $300, you can't go wrong regardless of which deal you chase down on Black Friday.

Our Pick

Hisense 65" 4K Smart Android UHDTV with HDR (65H6570F) $299.99 at Best Buy

Hisense has gone from what was considered a generic brand to a manufacturer recommended by many media outlets because of the value of their surpassingly impressive looking panels. Although this is a special Black Friday sku, because of the product listing we can see that this set is well equipped, with 3 HDMI ports, HDR color, 120hz enhanced motion, and Android embedded operating system for streaming and built-in Google Assistant. Shoppers should note that although Best Buy's first event happens at 5pm on Thanksgiving, this is a Friday only deal,Wal-Mart and will not go on sale until Best Buy reopens their doors at 8am on Black Friday.

Philips 65" 4K Smart Android UHDTV with HDR10 (65PFL5504/F7) $278 at Walmart

Walmart is the low-price leader in this category with their 65" 4K UHDTV offer from Philips. Like the Hisense featured at Best Buy, this set, which features 3 HDMI ports and HDR10 color, comes equipped with AndroidTV and Google Assistant, for a more fully-featured set of streaming options.

Element 4K UHDTV w/ HDR & Roku $279.99 – Target

Target completes the three-way tie here with a classic Black Friday sku. Outside of what is featured in the ad, the there are no other details known about this 4K UHDTV from Element. However, being the only 4K set of this size under $300 to feature integrated Roku streaming, it's a great option to pursue, especially if you've got other shopping to do at Target. Shoppers should note that no details will be made available online since this is an in-store only deal, so while you're waiting in that long check out line, take time to read the box to make sure this TV has all the features you need before leaving the store.

70+ Inch UHDTVs

The largest category of 4K UHDTV this year has the second largest number of options, with over 30 different advertised sets to choose from. Although we don't normally recommend discount clubs because of the required membership fee which adds to the cost and disqualifies these stores from being used to price match, if you've already got a Sam's Club membership, you can also consider the 75" 4K UHDTV set from Philips on page 2 of their ad for $599. The biggest issue with going after this set is that it's an online only deal and Sam's has not announced the exact time which their online deals will go live, only that the sales begin on Wednesday, so anyone thinking about purchasing a Sam's Club membership to get a shot at this TV should note that there is a very real chance it could sell out before you even know the sale has begun.

Our Pick

Samsung 70" 4K Smart UHDTV with HDR (UN70NU6070FXZA) $549.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy is the clear winner in this category with their store exclusive deal on this 70" 4K UHDTV from Samsung, which features 2 HDMI ports, HDR color, and 120hz enhanced motion. While only 2 HDMI ports may seem paltry, when you consider that this set is $150 less than the lowest priced 70" from 2018, this may still be the steal of the season on a set of this size.

Runner Up

Samsung 75" LED Q60 2160p Smart 4K UHD TV w/ HDR (QN75Q60RAFXZA) $1,499.99 at Best Buy

Shoppers looking for a doorbuster price on a new 4K UHDTV but don't want to settle for entry level panels and feature sets can find one of the best deals out there on a more fully featured 4K set from Samsung. This 75" 4K UHDTV is part of Samsung's much lauded QLED series of televisions, and features 120hz native refresh rate (240hz enhanced) with Freesync for gaming, 4 HDMI inputs, HDR10+ with Samsung's proprietary Quantum HDR 4X color processing, and ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness.

Final Thoughts

As we do every year after discussing the best 4K UHDTVs on Black Friday, we have to also caution our readers to avoid one of the most prolific Black Friday traps, and that's TV accessories. Even when items like wall mounting kits, surge protectors, and HDMI cables are advertised in Black Friday ads, they are still tremendously overpriced compared to everyday deals found on sites like Amazon and Monoprice. Whether you're buying a new UHDTV for yourself or a loved one, you can save big by planning ahead and getting

Speaking of planning, what are your Black Friday plans? Do you have one of our winning UHDTVs on your shopping list? Head down to our comments section and let us know where you'll be camped out this Black Friday!

November 16, 2019
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