Black Friday 2017 Ad Leak Timeline

2017 Leaked Black Friday Ads!

Wondering when we may see the first 2018 Black Friday ad? According to the 2017 Leaked Black Friday Ads timeline, we should expect to see one soon with the earliest being Harbor Freight released on October 2nd.

Harbor Freight has been the first ad to leak for a few years, so while we do expect that one soon, we don’t expect other ads until next month. Last year, True Value, Rite Aid, and Kohl's were the first ads to leak in October!

Ads slowly trickle in from there with the biggest spike usually appearing the first week of November. In 2017, we saw Target on November 6th, and Walmart and Best Buy both leaked on November 8th. We’ve seen ads leak earlier and earlier every year, but generally, the big box stores tend to leak their ads around the same day.

There are 32 days between Black Friday and Christmas this year. This not only gives you more time to shop, but also more time for retailers to offer bigger discounts. We always hope to see the biggest price drops on Black Friday, but are also quick to compare prices to make sure that we’re getting the best deal.

The Black Friday Creep, Gray Thursday, White Wednesday or whatever endearing nickname you want to give the idea that Black Friday keeps happening earlier seems to be here to stay. Stores are fighting to earn your dollar, and that means they are open longer and earlier. We’ll be sure to cover all of their antics this year, whether it’s being open on Thanksgiving or not hosting a Black Friday sale at all.

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September 25, 2018
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