Black Friday 2018 4K UHDTV Buying Guide


There are few things in this world that could possess someone to willingly leave a warm turkey dinner on a cold Thanksgiving day to head out into the bleak and unforgiving cold. No we’re not talking about a family emergency, or a loved one in need, we’re talking about a doorbuster deal on a brand new 4K UHDTV.

Over the last few years, there has been a paradigm shift in Black Friday ads, as 4K UHDTV slowly grew from high-priced novelty act with little or no content into the dominant force in both home theater and doorbusters. This year could prove to be the nail in the coffin for HDTV, as 4K has all but completely snuffed out the fire that was 1080p, and left only a mere handful of HDTVs in Black Friday ads this year, with most just filling the role of tiny sets to occupy tiny spaces.

This year the deals are hotter and the selection is greater than ever before, with over 60 4K UHDTVs spread across ads from retailers throughout the country, and the top pick in each category beating the deals from last year, sometimes by hundreds of dollars! With such a wide selection to choose from, and with 4K deals hidden in nearly every corner of Black Friday ads, choosing the best 4K UHDTV for your shopping dollar is not easy, and that’s why the Black Friday Pros here at have done what we do best. We’ve compared every 4K UHDTV deal in the country to bring you our top picks in our Black Friday 2018 4K UHDTV Buying Guide!

43 Inch 4K UHDTVs

Although there were several TVs in this category from both Best Buy and Target, both retailers shared many of the same model numbers and near identical prices. However, as in years past, the sub-50” category features some of the best overall deals to be found anywhere on Black Friday.

Our Pick

Toshiba FireTV Edition 43” 4K UHDTV w/ HDR $129.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy has shattered their own Black Friday record for the lowest priced 4K UHDTV in Black Friday history! Not only is this deal $40 under Best Buy’s price from last year, but this Toshiba FireTV Edition 4K UHDTV is one of the most feature-packed UHDTVs seen anywhere this Black Friday! This 4K from Toshiba features HDR, 3 HDMI inputs, and has Amazon FireTV streaming built right in with an Alexa-enabled voice remote. This will be one of the hottest items this Black Friday, so be sure to check with your local store for their Black Friday game plan, as you’ll have to line up early to get your hands on this deal.

Runner Up

LG 43” 4K UHDTV w/ HDR (43UK6090) $269.99 at Best Buy & Target

Shoppers wanting a 43” 4K UHDTV that don’t mind spending a little extra to get superior image quality and wider viewing angles can choose between Best Buy or Target on Black Friday. Both stores will have this 43” set from LG that features an IPS panel with HDR10, 120hz enhanced motion, and 3 HDMI inputs for just $269.99.

49 – 50 Inch 4K UHDTVs

This size TV is an all new category in 4K for just for the sheer number of sets advertised in Black Friday ads from nationwide retailers. Shoppers looking for a TV in this category can choose from nearly a dozen different sets from almost any retailer that sells UHDTVs. Speaking of retailers, if you’re in a one of the 6 states serviced by Meijer, then you can find an Element 4K UHDTV that is slightly below our top pick here at $219.99 (p2).

Our Pick

50” Westinghouse 4K UHDTV w/ HDR $229.99 at Target

Target is the low price leader for those looking to pick up a 50” 4K UHDTV this Black Friday, thanks to this special Black Friday sku. While not much is known about this 4K set from Westinghouse aside from HDR color and built-in streaming apps, at $50 less than the lowest price offered by other retailers, there is little room for complaint.

Runner Up

Insignia 50” 4K UHDTV w/ HDR FireTV Edition $279.99 at Best Buy

If you’re the kind of shopper that doesn’t care for the uncertainly of special Black Friday skus, then Best Buy is the place to be on Black Friday if you’re after a 50” 4K UHDTV. Not only does this 4K set from Insignia include HDR color and 3 HDMI inputs, it also has Amazon FireTV streaming built right in and can be controlled via voice with the included Alexa remote.

Honorable Mention

LG 49” 4K UHDTV w/ HDR (49UK6090) $329.99 w/ $90 Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s forces their way into this category thanks to the power of their Kohl’s Cash promotion. Cash is king on Black Friday, and that means shoppers looking for the bottom dollar price can do better than Kohl’s offer on this 49” 4K UHDTV from LG, which features and IPS panel with HDR color, 120hz enhanced motion and 3 HDMI inputs. However, if Kohl’s Cash is as good as actual cash to you, the net cost of $239.99 after receiving $90 in Kohl’s Cash makes this a deal you can’t miss.

55 Inch 4K UHDTVs

This 55” category is bigger than ever this year, with 13 different 4K UHDTVs at nationwide retailers fighting for your Black Friday dollar. As is often the case, fierce retail competition means the consumer wins, as our top picks here feature doorbuster deals that are less expensive than some of our top picks in the smaller screen categories.

Our Pick

Element 55” 4K UHDTV $199.99 at Target

Front and center on the first page of Target’s Black Friday ad is the top deal on a 55” 4K UHDTV and one of the hottest overall doorbusters of the season! For the first time ever, shoppers can bring home a 55” 4K UHDTV for under $200 thanks to this special Black Friday sku from Element. Of course, since it is a special Black Friday sku, little is known about the feature set of this TV, so while shoppers are in that long checkout line they should make certain to check the packaging to confirm that this set meets their needs.

Runner Up

Sharp 55” 4K UHDTV w/ HDR and Roku $249.99 at Best Buy

Hidden all the way back on page 5 of their ad, Best Buy steals the silver medal here from the clutches of Walmart with this Best Buy exclusive 4k UHDTV from Sharp. Although the Hisense 55” 4K UHDTV found on page 32 of Walmart’s Black Friday ad is technically less expensive at just $248, the extra $1.99 is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with buying a new TV from a trusted brand like Sharp. Not only does this set feature HDR, but it has integrated Roku streaming for a seamless and robust streaming experience.

58 - 60 Inch 4K UHDTVs

There are slim pickings in the 58”- 60” category, with only a handful of 4K UHDTVs to choose from if you need a set that is no bigger than 60”. However, the doorbuster caliber deals remain intact with some of the best overall value in a 4K set happening in this very category, including a the return of Kohl’s Cash!

Our Pick

Vizio 60” 4K UHDTV w/ HDR & Chromecast (D60-F3) $498.00 at Walmart

Walmart wins handily here thanks to their stellar deal on this 4K UHDTV from Vizio for just under $500. A special Black Friday sku this is NOT, as the Vizio D60 series is well known for its value thanks to excellent response time and low input lag that makes them perfect for sports and gaming. Featuring HDR10, 120hz enhanced refresh rate, 3HDMI ports, and Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility, this TV is feature rich and even has Chromecast built right in, making it simple to cast content from your smart device right onto your new UHDTV.

Runner Up

Samsung 58” 4K UHDTV w/ HDR (UN58Mu6100) $549.99 w/ $165.00 Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s comes away with a victory once again thanks to the near unbeatable combination of a doorbuster price coupled with Kohl’s Cash. For $549.99 out the door, shoppers can take home this 58” 4K UHDTV from Samsung that comes equipped with HDR Pro, 120hz enhanced motion, and 3 HDMI inputs. Shoppers can then return to Kohl’s between Nov 24th and Dec 5th to spend the whopping $165 Kohl’s Cash they’ll earn from this doorbuster purchase! At a net cost of just $384 after the Kohl’s Cash bonus, this is will be one of the hottest and most sought after deals at Kohl’s this Black Friday!

65+ Inch UHDTVs

The jumbo 4K UHDTV category this year has a jumbo pile of deals to choose from, in fact the 65” and up category features more deals across more ads than any other size of TV! A quick note before our picks, if you’re a shopper that simply wants a deal on the largest 4K UHDTV out there this Black Friday, there is an online-only deal on an LG 86” 4K UHDTV on page 16 of the Costco Holiday Book that should have your attention. We typically don’t award top picks to deal clubs because of their pay-to-play nature and the fact that other retailers won’t price match their deals because of the membership fee. However, since this online-only deal runs for a full 10 days beginning Nov 16th and ending Nov 26th, it’s a reasonably safe bet that you can get your hands on this without the risk of coming up empty handed after shelling out for a membership fee.

Our Pick

Sharp or TCL 65” 4K UHDTV w/ HDR and Roku $398.00 at Walmart

Walmart has a runaway hit and a doorbuster deal that is destined for BFAds’ top picks of the year with this monster deal on a monster 65” 4K UHDTV. Brands and models vary by store, but at your local Walmart you’ll have the chance to get your hands on either a TCL 65S4 4K UHDTV with HDR10, 120hz enhanced motion and 3 HDMI ports, or a Sharp 65Q7300U featuring HDR and 120hz enhanced motion. Both of these sets also have Roku integrated right into the set for seamless and fluid streaming without buying an extra device that takes up one your HDMI ports. This is an in-store only deal, so if you’ve got your sight set on this 4K beauty, plan ahead and check with your local store for your doorbuster store map and find out their game plan for handling doorbuster deals.

Runner Up

LG 70” 4K UHDTV w/ HDR (UK6190) $699.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy takes second place this year with this 70” 4K UHDTV from LG. This is the rock- bottom price for a 70” or larger 4K UHDTV this year, and beats last year’s best price by a full $500! It goes without saying that this is the lowest price ever seen on a set this large, and with this doorbuster being from LG, one of the top names in televisions, this is a deal you can’t miss if you’re after a 70” set.

Final Thoughts

Here at BFAds, we are never one to beat a dead horse (or reindeer), but we can’t stress enough the reason that UHDTV accessories and cables make our naughty list each and every year. Even when items like wall mounting kits, surge protectors, and HDMI cables are advertised in Black Friday ads, they are still tremendously overpriced compared to everyday deals found on sites like Amazon and Monoprice. Whether you’re buying a new UHDTV for yourself or a loved one, plan ahead and get the necessary accessories form one of these sites rather than picking them up in the store.

Speaking of planning, what are your Black Friday plans? Do you have one of our winning UHDTVs on your shopping list? Head down to our comments section and let us know where you’ll be camped out this Black Friday!

November 10, 2018
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