Black Friday 2017 4K Ultra HDTV Buying Guide


There is no better way to drum up Black Friday doorbuster excitement than when BFAds delivers the news of doorbuster prices on a new UHDTV. Like it or not, televisions are the cornerstone of the Black Friday doorbuster, and not a single retailer that sells UHDTVs ever neglects to prominently display at least on the front page of their Black Friday ads.

Black Friday 2017 marks the first year that 4K Ultra HDTVs have truly eclipsed the 1080p HDTV. Last year, there was a toss-up, necessitating separate buying guides, but this year, UHD rules the holiday, with 38 different 4K televisions offered from nationwide retailers, towering over the measly 9 HDTVs found in Black Friday ads. Overall, there is actually much less of a selection this year for shoppers, thanks in no small part to the complete absence of television offerings from Sears and a single entry from Kmart, both of which were known to simply advertise every single TV on their shelves.

Just because there are fewer UHDTVs to choose from doesn’t mean the competition is any less fierce, quite the contrary, in fact this Black Friday features some of the best prices ever seen on 4K UHDTVs! So where should you be lined up this Thanksgiving?

BFAds is here to answer that question and more with our annual 4K UHDTV Buying Guide!

40 - 50 Inches

Our most crowded category this year with 13 UHDTVs from all of the major retailers features one of the most lopsided victories in the history of BFAds buying guides! The best argument for a runner up in this category is space constraints, which could prevent shoppers looking or a sub 50” set from being able to take advantage of one of the best deals this year.

Our Pick

Sharp 50” 4K Smart Ultra HDTV with Roku (LC-50LBU591U) $179.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy takes the top crown in 4K Ultra HDTV this year with one of the hottest deals available anywhere this Black Friday. This Sharp 50” 4K Ultra HDTV features 3 HDMI HDCP 2.2 compatible ports with robust smart features provided by integrated Roku software. It’s hard to overstate the value here but rest assured if there is a line outside your local Best Buy, those in the front will be waiting to get their hands on this TV.

Runner Up

Polaroid 43” 4K Ultra HDTV with Google Cast $229.99 at Target

Target takes the runner up position here by being the next-lowest price 4K Ultra HDTV after our winner. Target lists this special Black Friday sku as having a whopping 5 HDMI ports and 120hz refresh rate in addition to the built-in Chromecast features. Since this is a holiday only sku, there is little documentation detailing how many of those HDMI ports support HDCP 2.2 and whether the refresh rate is software enhanced, so check the box details before checking out to make sure this set suits your needs.

55 Inches

Choices become a bit more difficult in the 55” UHDTV category, with 4 of the 12 options this Black Friday falling within $50 of the lowest priced offering. With features for these televisions being mostly equal, it shouldn’t cost much more to get a brand or style you like even if they are not the low-price leader.

Our Pick

Sharp 55” Smart 4K Ultra HDTV (LC-55P6000U) $298.00 at Walmart

It might not be the lowest price in this category, but Walmart still manages to come away with the top honors thanks to the feature set in this 55” smart 4K Ultra HDTV from Sharp. For $50 more than the runner up you get features including the 3 HDMI ports, HDR support, UHD upscaling, and integrated smart streaming features with a full web browser.

Runner Up

Westinghouse 55” Smart 4K Ultra HDTV $249.99 at Target

Target takes second place here with their special Black Friday only Westinghouse Ultra HDTV for only $249.99. While this is the lowest Black Friday price ever seen on a 4K set of this size, details are scant because of the nature of the holiday-only sku, so make sure and double check the technical specifications on the box to confirm HDCP 2.2 support and refresh rate..

Honorable Mention

Haier 55” 4K Ultra HDTV $299.99 w/ $90 Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s makes a special appearance on our top 4K Ultra HDTV picks thanks mostly to their ever-popular Kohl’s Cash Black Friday promotion that awards shoppers $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent. If you plan on doing some holiday shopping at Kohl’s, the Kohl’s Cash promotion reduces the net cost of this Black Friday Only 55” 4K Ultra HDTV from Haier to only $209.99, the lowest Black Friday price ever seen on a 4K Ultra HDTV of this size.

58 – 60 Inches

A slim number of entries this year for the more-or-less 60-inch category with only 4 entries from 4 retailers. Still, this category is worthwhile since this is the first area where HDR10 becomes available at doorbuster pricing, with prices dipping low enough to encroach on the smaller sets, even beating them in many cases.

Our Pick

Sony 60” Smart 4K Ultra HDTV (KD60X690E) $599.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy makes another appearance on our 4K picks this year with their 60” Sony Smart Ultra HDTV for $599.99, which offers some of the best all-around value for a 4K UHD set this Black Friday. This Sony features 3 HDMI ports with HDCP 2.2 support for 4K content, smart phone mirroring for sharing media from your phone on your TV, and 802.11n wireless for a hiccup-free streaming experience with the built-in apps.

Runner Up

Vizio 60” Smart 4K Ultra HDTV $699.99 w/ $200 Dell Promo eGift Card at Dell Home

Shoppers wanting a Black Friday bargain on a more feature-rich Ultra HDTV can find a great deal at Dell Home this Black Friday. This Vizo 60” Smart 4K Ultra HDTV comes equipped with high-end features like HDR10 support, full-array local LED dimming with 10 dimming zones, Google Home voice control compatibility, built-in Chromecast, and Bluetooth 4.1 pairing for smart phone control of your Ultra HDTV. If you’ve got more shopping to do at Dell, the $200 Promo eGift card subsidizes the cost of this set below our top pick.

65 Inch

The jumbo UHDTV category always seems to have less than fierce competition, as prices this high just don’t garner the excitement of the smaller UHDTVs. However, the savings can be much more substantial, as the special Black Friday sku rarely makes an appearance for sets of this size, meaning when there is doorbuster pricing, shoppers are receiving a genuine price break on a regularly sold item.

Our Pick

LG 65” Smart 4K Ultra HDTV $799.99 w/ $150 Dell Promo eGift Card at Dell Home

Dell edges out the competition by offering 65” LG Ultra HDTV that manages to beat out the less expensive UHDTVs thanks to a more robust feature set. Featuring an effective 120hz refresh rate, HDR10 support, and 3 HDMI ports supporting HDCP 2.2, the extra money over the runner up is money well spent. That’s not all, as Dell has done what they do best on Black Friday by sweetening the pot with addition of a $150 Dell Promo eGift Card, making the net cost of this set substantially less than the competition.

Runner Up

Samsung 65” Smart 4K Ultra HDTV $749.99 at Best Buy

This Best Buy exclusive sku from Samsung wins our 2nd place prize in the oversized TV category, with the lowest price of Black Friday on a 65” Ultra HDTV. Since this sku is store-exclusive, Best Buy has a full product listing available on their website, which shows this set to feature 2 HDMI ports, 120 enhanced motion rate, and built-in wifi for the included smart features. This set could have handily won the top pick in this category were it not for the glaring omission of HDR support, but if you’re looking for the rock bottom price on a 65” set from a trusted brand, look no further than the front page of Best Buy’s Black Friday ad.

Final Thoughts

Just as doorbuster 4K Ultra HDTVs populating the pages of Black Friday ads across the country has become a staple of the holidays, so have the traps that come along with them. We’re of course talking about overpriced UHDTV accessories! Even sale prices for items like wall mounts and HDMI cables cannot match the everyday price offered by online retailers like Amazon or Monoprice, so make sure not to fall victim to these items that routinely make for some of the worst deals every Black Friday.

November 14, 2017
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