Black Friday 2016 Smart Phones Buying Guide

Black Friday 2016 Smart Phones Buying Guide

Since Black Friday sales have become such a phenomenon over the years, with store opening times getting earlier and competition become heated, a good smart phone can be an invaluable tool for Black Friday success. These handy dandy tools can help you track sales, store opening times, and coordinate your attack between family and friends.

But what if you’re after a new smart phone on Black Friday? Luckily for you, has the solution for you with our Black Friday 2016 Smart Phone Buying Guide. Here we’ll cover the best deals on the most sought after smart phones along with picks for those who prefer budget or prepaid phones.

Samsung Galaxy Phones

Galaxy phones have sort of become the de facto Android phone and always the set the bar which other Android phone makers hope to meet or exceed. This is thanks in no small part to the willingness of Samsung to continually try and reinvent their line of phones by adding stylish design changes and experimental features in touchwiz interface while always having the cutting edge technology beneath their renowned Super AMOLED screen. If you’re only now considering upgrading to Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, make sure and check out our Look at Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge article to get an in-depth look at the phone’s main features and upgrades.

Galaxy S7/S7 Edge + Samsung VR Bundle

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with $250 Gift Card + Free Gear VR with $50 Oculus Content (ATT, Sprint, Verizon) - Target and Best Buy

Best Buy has a very similar deal on the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on Black Friday, but Target manages to edge them out in the end with a few extra incentives. First, for well qualified customers, Target is offering $0 down with a new installment plan agreement on either of Samsung’s flagship devices. Like Best Buy, you’ll also receive a hefty subsidy on the price of that phone by way of a $250 gift card and a free Samsung Galaxy VR headset. Only at Target, however, will you receive a free $50 VR Oculus content pack to go along with your new virtual reality digs.

Galaxy S7 + Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlocked with Free Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charge Pad - $549.99 – Best Buy

Those who don’t want to live with the burden of a monthly payment or who simply want the latest Samsung flagship phone without being tied to any particular carrier can enjoy a substantial savings at Best Buy this Black Friday. There, you can pick up an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phone for only $549.99, a savings of $120.

Apple iPhone

If Galaxy phones are the de facto Android phone then that must make iPhone the de facto smartphone. You’ll not find a single review of any flagship phone that doesn’t compare the device to an iPhone because of Apple’s continuing commitment to world class design and innovation with every new iPhone release. This year’s revisions were a bit controversial, and you can read all about these design changes and some of the more impressive upgrades by heading over to our Look at the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with $250 Gift Card (ATT, Sprint, Verizon) - Walmart, Target

Both Walmart and Target offer what is the best deal for a new iPhone 7 series device on Black Friday. While there is no cash discount here, well qualified customers that sign up for an installment plan with ATT Next, Verizon Device, or Sprint (Target only) will receive a $250 gift card to help reduce the net cost of the phone. Shoppers may have noticed that we excluded Best Buy from our listing here even though they appear to have the same deal. The fine print on Best Buy’s ad reveals that the $250 gift card is valid only for purchases of the 256GB iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, with smaller capacity models receiving a gift card as low as $50.

Prepaid / Off-Contract Smart Phones

With cost of service for the major carriers ballooning year after year while the services provided seem to deflate, more shoppers opt to buy off-contract or go with a prepaid service reseller. If you’ve got an MNVO with fast reliable service in your area, there really is no reason to not take advantage of the substantial monthly savings. Of course, buying off contract means that sometimes the up-front cost of the phone can be huge, but as with any technology, there are big savings to be found on Black Friday. Here’s a few of the best deals we’ve found for off contract and prepaid smart phones.

Off-Contract Flagship Phones

ZTE Axon 7 Mini unlocked - $199.98 – Best Buy

ZTE has been working overtime to become a major player in the unlocked smart phone market as we detailed in our Off-Contract Flagship Buying Guide. With the Axon 7 Mini, they’ve taken most of the best features of the Axon 7, including an AMOLED screen, snapdragon processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB of microsd expandable storage, hi-fi audio, dual front facing speakers, and a fingerprint censor and shrunk it down to a smaller package. If this sounds good to you, it’ll sound great when you learn that Best Buy is offering $100 off this new to market device, and you can pick it up this Black Friday for only $199.99.

Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy Phones (Straight Talk Wireless) - $19.99 to $249.99 – Walmart

Just because you like the freedom and savings afforded by prepaid phones doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be denied the pleasures of owning a Samsung Galaxy Series phone. Walmart has got all budgets covered with their Samsung Galaxy phone deals for use on Straight Talk wireless. For $249, you can have the Galaxy flagship of yesteryear, the Galaxy S6, a savings of $150. Those with a more stringent budget have two options under $50, the 5.0” Samsung Galaxy Sky for $49, a $90 savings or the 4.5” Samsung Galaxy Luna for only $19.88, a discount of $70.

Apple iPhone

iPhone 5S (Straight Talk Wireless) - $99 – Walmart

Budget minded shoppers who will settle for nothing less than an iPhone can save $50 on the iPhone 5S for Straight Talk Wireless at Walmart this Black Friday. Sure, the iPhone 5S might be a couple of generations behind, but with iOS 10 support, the device is far from obsolete and can still handle the day to day tasks of the average smart phone user.

Final Thoughts

Shoppers looking for a prepaid phone that didn’t find something that appealed to them in our picks would do well in checking out page 10 of Best Buy’s Black Friday ad where they feature a great selection of discounted smart phones for a variety of carriers.

If your old and busted smart phone is getting the axe this year for the new hotness of one of our picks, you can use what little life is left in that old dog to like us on Twitter, follow us on Facebook, and visit throughout Black Friday and beyond where we deliver to you everything from hot deals, ad leaks, buying guides, giveaways, and more!

November 20, 2016
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