Black Friday 2016 4K UHDTV Buying Guide


Shoppers that are perusing the slew of leaked Black Friday ads here at may find themselves at a crossroads if they are looking of a new TV. That crossroads, of course, is whether or not to buy a 1080p HDTV, or to dip your toe into the warm, inviting waters of 4K UHDTV.

As 4K begins to place a high-resolution sleeper hold on HDTV, we've seen the ad-space deadlocked this year. Featured across the advertisements of nationwide retailers, there is an equal amount of 4K set as there is HDTV, meaning the fight for your shopping dollars and a place on our buying guides has never been fiercer.

If you're on the fence about 4K UHDTV, make certain to head over to our 4K UHDTV Buying Guide that details all the ins, outs, and what-have-yous of making the jump to 4K. If your mind is already made up and you're ready to have 4x the pixels blasted into your living room this holiday, then you've come to the right place! We've made our list, checked it twice, and now bring you's Black Friday 2016 4K UHDTV Buying Guide!


Shoppers looking to get their foot in the door for the lowest price this Black Friday will find a surprisingly large selection to choose from in the 40"-50" category, with 10 offers from a variety of retailers. Yes, there is some bleed over here where some of the more expensive TVs in this category cost more than the lowest priced 55" UHDTVs, but remember you'll be gaining screen real-estate but losing other features like refresh rate, streaming services, HDR, and available HDMI ports.

Our Pick

Toshiba 49" 4K UHDTV w/ Chromecast $$199.00 at Best Buy

Best Buy routs the competition with their Toshiba 49" UHDTV for only $199. Not only is this the rock-bottom, lowest cost of entry into 4K this Black Friday, but Best Buy has managed to deliver a stellar deal while avoiding the common tropes of the bargain basement doorbuster. No fly-by-night manufacturer or house brand deal here, and the fact that this UHDTV features built in wifi with Smart features and integrated Chromecast is like an extra helping of gravy on your Thanksgiving plate.

Runner Up

Samsung 50" 4K HDR Smart UHDTV (UN50KU6300) $$398.00 – Walmart (p3), Best Buy (p4), Target (p6)

Similar to what we've seen in recent years, we are seeing the same UHDTVs featured at the same price across multiple retailers. That's the case with this Samsung Smart UHDTV, which can be found at Walmart, Target, and Best Buy for around $398. Yes, there are larger sets out there for less money, but what you're getting in return here is premium features like a quad-core processor and 802.11AC wifi for fluid streaming, direct LED dimming, and stunning picture quality with HDR. If you're looking for the lowest price on a fully featured UHDTV, you can have your choice of retailers this Black Friday.


The most crowded category in UHDTV this Black Friday is the 55" arena where we see just about every major retailer getting into the action, each offering what appears to be a different model than their competitors. Sadly, if you were after an OLED UHDTV, your only option on Black Friday is the single entry in this category.

Our Pick

Philips 55" 4K Smart UHDTV (44PFL5601) $298.00 – Walmart (p1)

Walmart comes away with the victory with their 55" offering from Philips. Not only do you get brand recognition in Philips, but the next highest price in this category is nearly $200 more. This set comes equipped with 3 HDMI ports, 1 set of shared component/composite jacks, and has built-in wifi for Smart features like Netflix streaming.

Runner Up

LG 55" 4K Smart UHDTV with HDR $499.99 – Target (p7)

Target manages to edge out the similarly equipped Samsung by offering this 55" LG UHDTV for only $20 more. While it's a tad more expensive, the addition of HDR to this HDTV set makes it hands down the better deal, and is the lowest price you'll find on an HDR UHDTV this Black Friday. While this is from a reputable manufacturer, this is a special Black Friday sku, so while we know this set does feature a 120hz refresh rate, the number of HDMI ports is unknown.

Honorable Mention

LG 4K OLED Smart UHDTV (OLED55B6P) $1,999.99 with LG Blu-ray Player (BP155) + $150 Dell e-gift Card – Dell (p4)

The only OLED deal you'll find this Black Friday is on this stunner of a UHDTV from LG. This set is loaded with Dolby Vision HDR, webOS Smart features, and 4 HDMI ports, all in a pencil thin panel. If you want the best in picture quality, it's hard to beat this set. While $1999.99 reflects the recent price cut made by LG and not a Black Friday sale, the $150 makes this deal about the least one can spend for the ultimate in picture quality.


There are slim pickins in the 60" category this year, with most retailers opting to offer deals on larger or smaller sets, with most bleeding over into the price categories of larger sets. But, you see the same trade-offs if you spend 60" money on a 65" set: off brands, store labels, and lack of features. It should be noted that Sam's has a lower priced UHDTV than our pick here, but after membership cost, the difference in price is a wash, and since Sam's doesn't open until Friday at 7AM, it would be like coal in a Christmas stocking to buy a membership only to walk away empty handed on Black Friday.

Our Pick

LG 60" 4k Smart UHDTV (60UH6035) $599.99 – Best Buy (p4)

With few options in this category, Best Buy has got the clear cut winner with their sub-$600 UHDTV from LG. This set features 3 HDMI ports, 1 set of shared component/composite inputs, and has 120hz interpolated refresh rate along with wifi and Smart streaming features.

Runner Up

Samsung 60" 4K Smart UHDTV with HDR (60KU6300) $697.99 – Target (p7)

Target is your destination on Black Friday for the lowest price (and only) 60" UHDTV with HDR. Despite being the only HDR set in this category, it's no slouch, with 120hz “motion rate," wifi with Smart streaming features, and 3 HDMI ports accompanied by shared component/composite inputs.


The jumbo sized category features the kind of UHDTVs that dance in our heads like sugar plums on Christmas Eve. Wall to wall picture is what everyone wants, and those that are lucky enough to be able to accommodate that dream will have a wide selection to choose from this Black Friday, with 11 sets from 4 retailers competing for your holiday buck.

Our Pick

LG 65” 4K UHDTV (65UH6030) $799.99 – Best Buy (p4)

Best Buy comes through with a great value on this jumbo 65” set from LG. This 4K UHDTV has all your bases covered, with LG’s HDR Pro, integrated wifi with webOS streaming apps, and 3 HDMI ports that are each HDCP 2.2 compliant.

Runner Up

Samsung 65” Curved 4K Smart UHDTV with HDR (UN65KU6500) $1,099.99 - Sears (p34)

If you love the striking and stylish look of an extra-large curved 4k UHDTV, Sears has got a great deal on this fully featured curved 4K set from Samsung. Sears makes their only entry this year in our picks with the lowest-price on a portly but curvy 65” set that features HDR. This Samsung 65” also comes equipped with 120hz enhanced motion, 3 HDMI ports, 1 set of shared component/composite jacks, and is available at Sears throughout Thanksgiving weekend.

Final Thoughts

We remind our shoppers of this every year, but now that 4K is emerging, there is a new trap in the world of HDMI cables, and that's cables that are branded as “4K ready," or “HDMI 2.0 compliant." The truth is, most cables made since 2009 will work perfectly with 4K, and those are always best purchased at online retailers like Amazon or Monoprice.

Black Friday is approaching fast, and we've still got plenty of price breaks, ad leaks, and signature buying guides coming your way between now and the time the turkey goes into the oven. Of course you can keep on top of all of this and more by visiting, following us on Twitter, and liking us on Facebook. As always, if you think you've got a 4K UHDTV that should have made our list, head down to the comments section below and let us know what you think.

November 16, 2016
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