Black Friday 2015 Deal Predictions

Black Friday 2015 predictions

Now that the first official ad of 2015 has been leaked, we thought it was time to make some educated guesses about the upcoming Black Friday season. If you're already subscribed to our newsletter, you know that all year long we find deals with prices that meet or beat previous Black Friday deals. We keep a running list of our better than Black Friday finds, as well as the rest of the best deals on the Internet; you can find them right here. We have taken 10 years of Black Friday ads and all of the experience that came with them to make some predictions about what to expect for Black Friday 2015.

1. This Will Be the Year of Big HDTVs

We have a sliver of hope that this will be the year the 4K HDTVs start to see affordable prices. What we really foresee for Black Friday 2015 is the larger 60Hz and 120Hz 1080p LED HDTVs having more attractive prices. Last year, most of the HDTVs with the best prices were in the 40" to 45" range. We think that this Black Friday will see 50" to 60" HDTVs.

2. Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Bundles Will See an Increase in Value

Sony recently dropped the price of their PlayStation 4 to $349.99, which matches the price of an Xbox One console. Since both of the console powerhouses now cost the same amount of money, Sony and Microsoft will be competing with each other for shoppers' attention - and don't forget about the different stores vying for consumer purchases. The real deals this Black Friday season will be on gaming bundles. Expect to see extra discounts on sweet packages with extra games, controllers, DLC, and exclusive content thrown into the mix.

3. Wider Variety of Fitness Tracker Deals

We think that fitness trackers, especially Fitbits, will be a frequently requested gift this holiday season. New Year's fitness resolutions will be just around the corner. These wearable gadgets are starting to take on the same social status symbol white iPod earbuds used to have. Last Black Friday saw Walmart dropping the price on popular Fitbits by $30. This year we think the Flex will be selling for less than $50.

4. Star Wars Toys Will Be Popular, But Won't Be Discounted

One of things we always recommend for Black Friday is to identify what is popular with the kids that year, and pick up some inexpensive gifts to keep on hand. That way if you have unexpected holiday visitors, you get to look thoughtful by already having a gift for the kids. Last year it was Frozen. This was an area that the A.C. Moore ad really shined in. This year's hot toys will be Star Wars. The downside is that the price now is likely to be the price on Black Friday. The good news about that is you don't have to devote your limited time on the actual Friday to these items, you can pick them up now and cross them off your BFAds Shopping List.

5. Gift Card Bundles Increase Value, But Will Also Make You Do Math

We see this a lot with iPad and iPhone deals on Black Friday; we also see it from certain merchants, such as Dell, and on certain products, like HDTVs. The merchant for some reason can't lower the price, so they increase the value of the deal by adding a gift card. We expect a lot more deals to take this form this Black Friday, particularly higher-end Fitbits and gaming bundles. Pay attention to the deals and do the math. We like to not only focus on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday price, but also the value.

Do you have a prediction about this year's Black Friday deals? Let us know in the comments below.

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October 13, 2015
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