Black Friday 2014 Store Opening Times

Black Friday Store Times Target has confirmed that their Black Friday 2014 "main event" will span the 27th-29th, a nice three-ish day sale. There was a lot of controversy last year about our favorite holiday leaking into Thanksgiving, but now that the barrier has already been breached, we believe the sales will slowly creep earlier and earlier into the week.

Target's official Black Friday page is teasing us with the dates, but holding back the actual start time, and asking you to trade your email address in exchange for the "scoop about Black Friday". If they were simply starting at the same time they did last year, this ploy would be doomed to fail. We predict that Target will deliver on the pageantry, and announce that their sale starts Thanksgiving morning around 8:00 AM.

Kmart has officially announced Thanksgiving morning as their start time; as reported by Seattle NBC affiliate King5, Kmart stores will start their Black Friday 2014 event at 8:00 AM Thanksgiving, and won't close until Friday night.

Toys R Us/Babies R Us stores have posted a listing of their locations and the Black Friday 2014 sale openings for each store; the vast majority of them will be open at 5 PM on Thanksgiving Night. Click here to check your local store's sale hours.

Finally, we already have confirmation that BestBuy and Macy's are planning to repeat last year's controverial dinner-time openings on Thanksgiving day. King5 in the article linked above reports that Best Buy will be opening its doors for Black Friday at 6 PM, and ABC Affiliate WSB-TV out of Atlanta is reporting that an internal e-mail from Macy's has them opening at the same time due to "competitive" pressure.

There are still some areas of the country where these sale hours will be rendered inaccurate due to "blue laws" that restrict businesses from being open on certain holidays and/or Sundays. In states like Massachusetts, for example, these stores will still have to hold off their sale events until 12:01 AM on Black Friday morning.

We imagine this trend will continue for years to come; early openings were profitable last year, and stores will be starting their sales earlier to beat one another in the race for eager Black Friday shoppers. For all the ads and news for Black Friday 2014 and beyond, subscribe to our newsletter. Happy Shopping!

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