Amazon Prime Day: What To Expect

Amazon Prime Day Next week, Amazon will be having Prime Day on July 15th. As we previously reported, Amazon has been pretty tight lipped with the details. We do know, however, that they have thrown down the gauntlet with Black Friday, promising even more deals than our favorite shopping day. We are going to make an educated guess, and help you get ready for Amazon Prime Day so you can maximize both your savings and your fun.

Amazon Prime Day Primer
We are pretty confident that Prime Day will work essentially the same as Black Friday. If you shopped Amazon last year, you should feel comfortable navigating Prime Day on the 15th. If you didn't, don't fret - we've got you covered. Amazon's sale lasted for 8 days last Black Friday. The navigation was set up so there were 3 sections, "Available," "Upcoming," and "Missed." The "Upcoming" section would give you a look at the deals for the next day. The deals would have a timer, counting down to when they went live. The "Available" section had a countdown showing how much time deal had left. It also had a status bar that filled up as people purchase available inventory. We believe Prime Day will work like this, except that there won't be "early access" for Prime Members, because you have to be a Prime Member to shop the sale.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

In their press release, Amazon says they will have a new deal as often as every ten minutes. We suspect this means that a new deal will go live as often as that, but you will still be able to view deals that are going to live soon on the "Upcoming" tab. We aren't sure how far in advance you will be able to view deals. It is possible as one deal goes live, a new one will replace it on the "Upcoming" tab. We think it is likely that all deals going live in the next hour or two will be available to preview.

How To Prepare For Prime Day
So, how exactly should one prepare for Amazon Prime Day? Here are our Prime Day Tips for preparing for a successful July 15th shopping experience. We like to think this is a good opportunity to test your Black Friday and Cyber Monday preparedness. Here is how to shop Prime day the BFAds way.

1. Get Your Prime Membership
This sale is for Prime Members only! Without a Prime membership, there will be no Prime Day. Thankfully, Amazon offers a free 30-day trial of Prime to everyone. We recommend signing up before July 15th - Lightning Deal inventory can move very quickly, and the last thing you want is to be bogged down by filling out your information while your intended item is selling out. You can sign up for your free trial here.

2. Sign In and Stay Signed In
Finding the deal you want and going to buy it only to have to log in to your account is frustrating at best. Luckily, the situation is avoidable. Amazon logs you in for 2 weeks, or until you perform a sensitive action, such as changing account info. Logging out and back in to your account will ensure that you are ready to shop when that special deal goes live.

3. Check Your Payment Options
Make sure the card you have on file with Amazon is correct, especially if you haven't ordered in a while. Check the expiration date. You don't want to be re-entering your credit card information while someone else is buying your deal!

4. Turn On 1-Click Ordering
This one may not actually come into play, since as of press time, no Lightning Deals are eligible for 1-Click. We feel it helps to be prepared, just in case. When a website is under heavy stress, as Amazon will be on Prime Day, any option that cuts back on screen loading time is a good thing. Once you are logged in, at the top of the site on the right hand side you will see "Welcome, [your name]." Mouse over that, and a list of options will appear. Select "Your Account," and a new page of options will open. Scroll down to 1-Click Settings, and follow the instructions to set it up. When a deal is eligible for 1-Click it will have a dark orange button on the product page. Hit it once to purchase and ship your item!

5. Do Your Due Diligence
If you have checked out the Lightning Deals page we've linked to, or shopped Amazon last Black Friday, you know there is one frustrating aspect to the deals: upcoming deals don't list a price, so you will have to come back when the deal goes live. We guess you are here because you have a particular interest in a kind of product, HDTV, laptop, video game, etc. You can start your prep by checking out last years Black Friday ads to establish a baseline deal price. On the 15th, keep an eye on the "Upcoming" tab, and see what the item is selling for currently. This will help you evaluate the deals quickly, as speed often means the difference between snagging a deal or missing it completely. Lightning Deals have a maximum time of 4 hours, but typically sell out before they run out of time.

Final Thoughts
The number one tip we can give you for Amazon Prime Day is patience. This is going to be fun! Amazon wants this day to be a success,they want you to love Prime enough to sign up for the full year, and they want you to shop there for Black Friday 2015 as well as Cyber Monday 2015. We anticipate the heaviest site strain will be between the hours of 7 AM and 12 PM Eastern. Amazon will probably have deals that start at midnight, but the majority of people aren't shopping online at that time (unless they work at BFAds, of course). We are guessing that there will be some good deals between midnight and 6 AM Eastern, but the real deals will start as people are getting up to get ready for work, so they can hit the sale beforehand. We feel the deals will be densest at the start of the work day and during lunch hour, when customers can spend some time checking out the deals. These are also the times that we anticipate the site might be under the heaviest stress, and may be a little slow to load. This is something to keep in mind if you're shopping via a mobile device - Amazon does have a free app for iOS and Android that could come in handy. These are also the best times to check the "Upcoming" tab, as we think that is when Amazon will use the buzz they have created to give you a reason to come back. As always, keep an eye on our Hot Deals page, where we'll be rounding up the best deals from all over the Internet all day long!

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