Kindle vs. Nook - 2012 Rematch

Amazon Kindle & Kindle Paperwhite

  • Kindle - If you’re looking for a simple introduction to an eReader, the new basic Kindle, at just $69, may be your best bet. This version will come with “special offers,” meaning that ads will show up on the home screen and lock screen. They will not, however, show up between page turns, so they will not affect your reading experience. If you’d still like to skip the ads altogether, you can pick up an ad-free version for $89.

    These price points are a $10 markdown compared to last year’s basic model, but the 2012 basic Kindle doesn’t do much to improve on the 2011 model, though one caveat is its even faster page turn speed.

    Considering its price, though, the Kindle basic is a relatively inexpensive, well-built intro to the eReader world.

  • Kindle Paperwhite - Much like how Amazon’s E Ink screen changed the game by allowing users to read in direct sunlight with no glare, the Amazon Paperwhite wasn’t content to just add backlighting to the Kindle franchise. It needed to enter the backlight world in a novel way, and the Paperwhite’s nifty backlighting offers late-night reading without much stress on the eyes.

    In addition to touch-screen functionality, the Paperwhite’s built-in light, projected from the side of the screen, follows a nanoimprinted light guide to evenly disperse the light it projects. This illuminates the screen without shooting light directly into the reader’s face. Unlike tablets, which will hurt your eyes after extended use in low light, the Paperwhite’s backlight technology allows users to read in low-light settings for extended periods of time without the irritation you’d get from tablets.

    If you want to give Amazon’s new flagship eReader a shot, they’re available for $139 WiFi enabled and $199 with added 3G. For $20 more, you can pick up either version without Amazon’s Special Offers. If you want one immediately, though, you’ll unfortunately have to wait to get your hands on it. It’s expected to ship the week of December 17.

  • Available at Amazon:

    Kindle - $69.00
    Kindle Paperwhite - $119.00


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November 7, 2012
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