5 Educational Toys for the Holidays


Just about any adult can look back on their childhood and remember their favorite toys. Often, they’re tied in with a cartoon or movie that we remember fondly alongside these playtime pals. While they may have been fun, these action figures and dolls offered little more to our young minds than the ability to help dream up adventures for these characters in our very own back yards.

Yet every so often, an educational toy would break through the Thundercats and Strawberry Shortcakes that cluttered the toybox, and it would be so much fun that we wouldn’t realize we were learning as we played. Every time we pulled the string on our See ‘n Say we were learning about numbers or farm animals, and when we weren’t helping E.T. phone home, the Speak ‘n Spell taught us... well, how to speak and spell.

With Black Friday and the holiday season fast approaching, it’s now our turn to provide some fun and education to the young people in our lives. But where do we start? Like everything, educational toys have come a long way, so we’ve picked out some of the best and most innovative ways for kids have fun while they learn.


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November 8, 2012
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