2016 Video Game Buying Guide

2016 Video Game Buying Guide

People love to look at summer through rose colored lenses. They dream of being at the beach, under the sun, enjoying a mojito while taking in a warm summer breeze. But they gleefully ignore all the horrible aspects of that scenario, like shark attacks, melanoma, alcohol poisoning, and air borne viruses! People in the know stay indoors where it’s safe, and what better way to beat the heat and the rest of the summer outdoor threats than by firing up the latest in digital entertainment. To help you sift through the endless choices on store shelves, and also for you and your family’s safety, BFAds.net brings you our Summer 2016 Video Game Buying Guide!

Online Tactical Shooter

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Despite the fact that both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One launched in late 2013, Tom Clancy’s The Division is the first game that truly looks and feels "next-gen." This online only shooter takes place in a battle torn New York in the midst of a virus outbreak that has ravaged the city.

Players join up in teams of four and take arms against AI thugs in a battle to reclaim the city, completing missions and finding weapons and armor upgrades along the way. There is no question that The Division is a shooter at heart, as guns are the primary weapon, along with a strong emphasis on the cover system, particularly in the early stages where it’s easy to find yourself outgunned in the face of a mission boss. At the same time, there are heavy RPG elements that make this game akin to titles like Destiny, where you grind your character skillset out while constantly improving your gear.

Players who are looking for more of a challenge can choose to go into the most dangerous area of the city known as the Dark Zone. In the Dark Zone, the enemies are tougher but the biggest threat comes from other players who may choose to hunt you down to steal your gear. If the idea of hunting down players and pilfering through their loot sounds appealing to you, be aware that once you turn on another player, the game paints you as a rogue, and immediately highlights your location on player maps, making you an instant target for any fortune hunters in the area.

The Division has received wide critical acclaim and is a must own for any gamer that loves online shooters, particularly for fans of the gritty, post-pandemic setting.

Online Class-Based Shooter


From Legendary developer Blizzard comes Overwatch, an evolution of Team Fortress 2 and a love letter to Pixar rolled into an endlessly fun and competitive package.

For the uninformed, Blizzard is responsible for some of the most ubiquitous and influential titles ever to grace PC and consoles, including the Diablo series, Starcraft, and of course, World of Warcraft, the latter of which has spawned numerous expansions, copycats, and most recently, a full-length feature film.

Overwatch marks Blizzard’s first foray into the first-person shooter genre, borrowing heavily from Team Fortress 2, Overwatch pits two teams into a class-based contest to complete a set of objectives which typically include escorting a payload or maintaining control of a particular area of the map. Players choose from one of 22 distinct and memorable characters, each perfectly filling the roles of typical shooter archetypes, such as snipers, tanks, healers, and engineers, while still offering a fresh and unique take on these genre staples. Aside from regular and alternate attacks, each character features a stylish and devastating “ultimate” attack which can potentially change the course of any given match.

Bucking the trend of nickel and diming gamers to death, Blizzard has pledged to make all future content for Overwatch available to all platforms free of charge, with the source of ongoing revenue being loot crates which offer only cosmetic upgrades to characters. These upgrades include new costume skins, emotes, highlight intros, in-game sprays, and more, all of which can also be earned by grinding through matches. This gives players the freedom to choose between paying for cool new skins, or earning it through match victories.

If you’re tired of the year-in year-out monotony of military and space shooters like Call of Duty and Halo, and want a fresh and fun first-person shooter experience, it’s hard to do better than Overwatch.

Single Player Shooter


DOOM is the granddaddy of multiplayer shooters, and is arguably the most influential first-person shooter of all time. Even though the series has been largely absent from the gaming scene since DOOM 3 dropped in 2004, every time the word “deathmatch” appears in a modern online shooter, it harkens back to DOOM.

While not a lot is known about the single player campaign, the fact that it’s a reboot of the series means almost anything goes in this series relaunch. But if anything is certain, executive producer Marty Stratton says players can count on, “badass demons, big effing guns, and moving really fast,” all staples of the DOOM franchise.

The focus of the gameplay of DOOM will be to push players away from taking cover, contrary to what has become the norm in modern shooters, by giving players increased agility, sprinting, double jumping, and a new melee execution mechanic that encourages players to get up close and personal with DOOM enemies.

Speaking of enemies, the adversaries in DOOM are gruesome and over the top, as in series’ past, and many of the most recognizable enemies from DOOM lore have been brought back and reimagined to make them more fierce and intimidating as ever. Obviously since this is DOOM, discretion should be used around younger gamers, as DOOM has a reputation for featuring some of the most bloody and unsettling graphics and scenarios of any game franchise.


Ratchet and Clank

Gamers growing tired of the barrage of online shooters will be happy to know that the Playstation’s most celebrated platforming series has, at last, made the jump to the Playstation 4.

Ratchet and Clank are gaming’s most beloved Lombax / Robot duo, and have been charming gamers since 2002 with their lighthearted, Saturday morning cartoon style of humor, memorable characters, and of course, silly and over the top weapons.

Ratchet and Clank for Playstation 4 doesn’t carry the double-entendre subtitle of past sequels since this is a complete reimagining of the original, which also is the basis for a full-length animated feature releasing April 29th, 2016. Although it’s a retelling of the first Ratchet and Clank adventure, the game brings modern series staples to the PS4 such as upgradeable weapons and health. Insomniac has also used this opportunity to assemble an arsenal of fan-favorite weapons spanning the entire franchise, including classics like the floating deathbot Mr Zurkon, The Suck Cannon, which sucks enemies up and then shoots them out as explosives, and The Combustor, which fires super-heated plasma fireballs, just to name a few.

If you’d love to relive the origin story of Ratchet, Clank, Captain Quark, Chairman Drek, and the rest of the Ratchet and Clank universe, all in glorious high definition, pick up Ratchet and Clank this summer, exclusively on Playstation 4.

Action Adventure

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Who could drag a retired fortune hunter like Nathan Drake back into the fray for his first all-new appearance on the Playstation 4? His brother might not seem like the kind of answer that would incite a story compelling enough to carry the Uncharted moniker, but the fact that Drake’s brother was long thought to be dead adds just the kind of intrigue that draws players in with each new entry into the Uncharted series.

While details of the story is kept tightly under wraps, developer Naughty Dog has called Drake’s latest quest for lost pirate treasure, "his greatest adventure yet and will test his physical limits, his resolve, and ultimately, what he's willing to sacrifice to save the ones he loves."

An exciting story is only half of what makes Uncharted great, with the latter being sprawling and vibrant action set pieces that make the series epic in scale, and the first gameplay reveal trailer from E3 2015 demonstrated that those aspects are all back for the series debut on the Playstation 4 this May.

Indie Game


Broforce is the kind of game that embodies everything that is great from the modern day indie developer scene. At first glance, the pixel art style and side scrolling action immediately draws comparison to the 8bit and 16bit classic Contra series. But by delving further, you’ll discover that Broforce kicks it up a notch with huge explosions and over the top action, and each level doesn’t end until your Bro has completely obliterated the stage.

Speaking of the Bros, old-school gaming isn’t the only nostalgia trip you’ll take when playing Broforce, as the huge amount of playable characters are each based on the testosterone-fueled knuckle dragging heroes of television and movies past. Each character has their own unique attack style and special move, and it’s hard not to crack a smile when a new Bro joins your team. Just to name a few of the more than 30 playable characters, there is Snake Broskin, Brobocop, The Brominator, Rambro, and Indiana Brones.

Gamers who love pixel graphics, over the top action, and 80s & 90s action heroes will feel right at home when they pick up Broforce for Playstation 4 or PC.

Final Thoughts

Summer is one of the best times to pick up new games, as the early year drought of hit titles begins to dry up with the summer heat, and the best games to release outside of the holidays begin to flood the shelves towards the end of spring.

If we listed every game shipping to retailers between now and fall, this article would be as long as the summer. If we missed your top pick for indoor action, head down to our comments section and let us know what you’ll be playing. And as always, check back with Bfads.net via this site, Facebook, or Twitter in between matches for the latest in game deals, buying guides, giveaways, and more!

September 26, 2016
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