2016 Black Friday Ad Leak Timeline

2016 Leaked Black Friday Ads! 2015 Leaked Black Friday Ads! 2014 Leaked Black Friday Ads!

With the 2016 Black Friday season officially underway, it's time for an update on when you can expect to see your first ads of the year!

So far this year we have a few toy books out and a ton of store hour news. As far as Black Friday ads go we've got Sears Canada which was released right on time. Within the next few days we expect to see a couple of ads from smaller stores, as well as a handful of toy books and holiday catalogs, as well as Black Friday ad scans from Harbor Freight, Half Price Books, and Dell Home.

In addition, we expect to hear even more news about Thanksgiving store hours! For the past few years merchants have been trying to find the perfect balance of staying competitive while keeping their customers happy. This year the trend seems to be keeping brick-and-mortar doors shuttered while hosting an online sale all day on Thanksgiving. We're big fans of shopping online on Thanksgiving and finishing up on Black Friday. This method gives customers and employees the best of both worlds. You can shop from your couch on Turkey Day, and since stores have focused on bringing the vast majority of their Black Friday items online, you aren't sacrificing much if you choose to stay home.

2015 was one of our earliest kickoffs yet. We posted our first ad of 2015 a full week earlier than the previous year, and then it was pretty dead until October 15th. Once we hit the beginning of November we were posting new ad scans almost daily, with as many as ten ads being posted in one day.

2014 started with a very, very slow trickle. A few smaller stores, like Yankee Candle, Half Price Books, and Ace Hardware leaked in October. On November 4th we leaked Sears and the floodgates opened. By mid-November we were posting multiple ads per day.

2013 Leaked Black Friday Ads! 2012 Leaked Black Friday Ads! 2011 Leaked Black Friday Ads!

2013 featured the same pace of ads, but not the same order. Macy's was the third ad that we posted in 2013! Bon-Ton followed just a few days later. Seeing big ads that early in the year is definitely not the norm, but it was very exciting! Above you can see the ad scan timeline leaks for 2012 and 2011 if you're interested.

We see similar trends every year and 2016 is no exception. For instance, if you take a look at the past three years, Walmart has consistently leaked around November 11th. Harbor Freight, Half Price Books, and Sears Canada are usually the first Black Friday ads to leak every year. With so many stores that seem to be cracking down on Thanksgiving hours, we're excited to see how they stay competitive with the bigger merchants that will most likely stay open on Turkey Day. When they fight with each other the customer usually wins, and if this trend means we get to buy doorbusters online while eating Thanksgiving dinner....well, who would complain about that?

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