2015 Laptop Buying Guide


BFAds Laptop Buy Guide - Introduction

In a perfect world, choosing the right laptop would be as simple as heading down to the store, plopping a box into your cart, and heading for checkout. But our world isn’t perfect. Our world is filled with imperfections like watered-down coffee, pillows that don’t stay cool, and the department of motor vehicles.

Add to that list of first-world problems the fact that there are dozens upon dozens of choices and options facing shoppers wishing to purchase a new laptop computer. With prices ranging from a couple hundred bucks to several thousand, how do you decide which laptop is the one to buy?

Our laptop buying guide will help you cut through the clutter and choose the best laptop for your hard earned buck. Whether you want a thin laptop that’s barely there, or a full-blown desktop replacement, knowing how to choose the right laptop is just a few clicks away.


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February 23, 2015
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