Toy Reboots of 2012


There are hot toys every holiday season, but every now and again a toy comes along that takes the retail world by storm. Like Cabbage Patch kids and Tickle Me Elmo before it, Furby became every kid’s most wanted toy in 1998, creating mania amongst parents trying desperately to get their hands on one by Christmas morning.

Furby is back for the holidays, and once again, it’s one of the hottest toys of the year. When you look at all the changes made to the new Furby, it’s easier to understand how it first captured the attention of a new generation of children.

Some of the most lovable features of Furby have remained the same. It’s still a colorful, battery- powered animatronic bird that speaks Furbish, a language all its own. Furby learns English by interacting with your child’s voice. It will even dance along with music. And of course, if two or more Furbys get together, they talk to one another, and might even get into heated arguments in Furbish.

This time around, Furby has a whole new level of life-like behavior with its backlit LCD eyes, allowing it to look in all directions and express a bevy of emotions and reactions. Also, like many other high tech toys this season, Furby can interact with your child through an official app for iPod, iPhone and iPad. With the app, your child can feed Furby a variety of foods, and like any animal, it may like some foods and dislike others. The app also works as a Furby translator that lets your child know what exactly Furby is talking about.

Parents who want peace and quiet may want to take note that Furby has no off button and will continue to do its thing as long as there is someone in the room to spend time with it. Leave it alone, and after a few minutes it will shut its eyes and go to sleep to save battery.

Available at:

Amazon - $54.00
Target - $54.00
Toys R Us - $54.99
Walmart - $54.00
Fleet & Farm - $49.99


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October 30, 2012
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